Outrider volunteers provide crucial ride support during live bicycle events.

Two cyclists examining a wheel
The Mobile Pit Crew

Outriders are a highly skilled and experienced volunteer group that provide ride support at Cascade Bicycle Club events. Outriders volunteer to deliver exceptional course support for logistical, mechanical, traffic, and minor medical incidents in addition to providing information and moral support.

Outrider Requirements

All Outriders are committed to participating in at least three Cascade rides throughout the year, with one of these being a "major event." To complete your major event requirement, you can ride Chilly Hilly, Flying Wheels, Day 1 of STP, or Day 2 of STP.

To train and prepare, Outriders may participate in smaller events, join Free Group Rides, or assist food-insecure neighbors by delivering groceries through the Pedaling Relief Project. Experienced Outriders have the opportunity to volunteer as an Outrider Coordinator or a Dispatcher at the Ride Operations Center for one of their major rides.

  • Chilly Hilly (February)
  • Flying Wheels (June)
  • Seattle to Portland (July)

Ride Requirements

All Outriders must ride three rides, including at least one major ride.

Outrider Supported Events

Indicates ride meets Major Ride requirement

  • Chilly Hilly (major ride)
  • Ride for Major Taylor
  • Bike-n-Brews
  • Flying Wheels (major ride) 
  • Emerald City Ride
  • STP (riding both days counts as major ride and regular ride)*
  • RSVP
  • Woodinville Wine Ride
  • Kitsap Color Classic
  • Winthrop Gravel Tour

*Riding both days of STP/all 200 miles counts towards one major ride and one regular ride. Please note that Outriders do not receive volunteer hours/credit toward other Cascade events.  

Tours, with the exception of the Winthrop Gravel Tour, are not supported by Outriders.

Outriders support all of Cascade's major ride events and the Winthrop Gravel Tour. Outriders do not support other Tours, the Cascade Training Series, or Free Group Rides. However, Outriders are welcome to participate in those events as regular riders or Ride Leaders.

Three Outrider cyclists with inflatable pool toys

Application Process

If you are a rider with advanced cycling experience, an active Cascade member, have knowledge of Cascade and its programs, and can commit to riding at least three of our events as an Outrider, apply today!

Outrider smiling and changing a tube on the sidewalk

Current Outriders

Being an Outrider means being prepared for anything -- from scrapes to moral support. Outriders should have a strong understanding of the route and assistance riders may need. Review the Outrider Resources to stay prepared!

Requirements after your Application is Accepted

  1. Acknowledge that you have read and will uphold the Outrider Code of Conduct.
  2. Attend an Outrider orientation.
  3. Complete a mentored ride.

Order Your Outrider Jersey

New Outriders will receive a complimentary Outrider jersey. Returning Outriders will have the opportunity to purchase an additional Outrider jersey from the club at a cost of $60. Additionally, an Outrider vest will become available in early spring 2024, which can be purchased as an optional extra.