Becoming Independent through Riding and Repair

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Objectives for Becoming Independent

These classes are geared toward people who bike that are confident riding on a variety of trails and in varying conditions but would like to become more prepared for interacting with vehicles in heavy traffic. Or, they are confident in their ability to diagnose and service minor brake and shifting issues as well as change a tube after a flat tire, but want to know what to do or repair in an emergency. 

  • Make a left-turn on a multi-way road
  • Ride safely in a new area with no bike infrastructure
  • Recover from a dropped or broken chain
  • Identify a bent derailleur hanger

Urban Cycling Techniques

Group of cyclists riding on a greenway

If you're a competent cyclist but shudder at the thought of making complex turns in heavy traffic, this class is for you! Whether running errands, commuting to work, or getting exercise, urban cyclists of all sorts will appreciate this course designed to help them interact safely and positively with city traffic. Make informed decisions while striking the right balance between caution, assertiveness, and skill for safe urban riding.

Roadside Repair

Two cyclists examining a wheel

If you've got a good understanding of your bike's systems but would like to be prepared to go out on more solo rides and handle emergency maintenance issues, this is your class! Riders will identify what tools to bring to address rare mechanical issues and how to improvise when a spoke breaks, when they are suddenly unable to shift gears, or if they need to boot a tire on the side of the road. These tools will elevate riders' ability to keep their bike running and get them to their destination safely where they can get professional assistance.