Advancing Your Bike Maintenance and Riding Skills

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Objectives for Advancing Your Skills

These classes are geared towards people on bikes who would like to become confident riding on bike lanes and multi-purpose trails. You will also learn how to maintain, adjust, and repair your brakes, as well as adjust derailleurs/shifters.

  • Confidently ride on bike lanes and multipurpose trails
  • Understand how a mechanical brake system works
  • Understand drivetrains (shifting/derailleurs)
  • Diagnose chain or brake rubbing

Basic Cycling Techniques

Two riders taking a Cycling Techniques course

This class is taught once a month on weekend afternoons. We start with bike handling exercises and we cover stopping and starting, how to shift the gears smoothly and effectively, proper braking technique, where to ride on the road; and signaling. After the lesson, we go on a group ride on roads and trails near Cascade headquarters in North Seattle, discussing how to use the existing infrastructure safely. 

Chains & Derailleurs

Have you ever felt like your derailleurs work in mysterious ways? Do you have an idea of what all those little screws with the "H" and "L" labels do?

By the end of this class, you'll have a broad understanding of both front and rear shifting systems and their functions, including those little screws. We'll cover what maintenance is required to prevent issues and prolong the life of your bike's system. You'll also leave feeling confident in your ability to assess the condition of your shifting systems and adjust them accordingly.

Brake System Maintenance

Brake System Maintenance students

Learn how to perform brake adjustments and brake pad installation as well as assess the condition of the components that make up your bike’s brakes and wheels. You'll develop techniques for adjusting cable tension, centering pads and calipers, cleaning pads, and brake maintenance. Bikes with cable-actuated disc or rim brakes are welcome in this class. We do not cover how to adjust or bleed hydraulic brake systems.

Learn among peers

Women & Non-Binary Classes

Our Fix-a-Flat, Maintenance for Every Rider, Brake System Maintenance, and Chains and Derailleur classes are offered as Women & Non-Binary (W&NB) sessions, open soley to Women and Non-Binary students and led by Women and Non-Binary instructors. The mission of the Cascade W&NB program is to grow cycling among women and non-binary folks by providing a welcoming, encouraging, and safe cycling experience for ALL self-identifying women and ALL non-binary cyclists (no matter their assigned sex at birth) of every riding ability.