Answers to common questions about biking in Washington state, Puget Sound, and the Seattle area.

A youth riding a bicycle in a traffic garden

Activities for Youth

Cascade offers many resources for school-aged children, from bike to school buses and bike trains to traffic gardens at local schools.

Two people ride bicycles on a flat trail

Beginner Tips for Biking

In-depth tips for riding safely and comfortably, including helmet fit tips, how to handle your bike on the road, riding in the rain, and more.

Various Bicycles on a Rainbow background

Finding a Bike

Where to buy a bike, a list of mechanics, bike rental shops, and reviews of the various brands and styles of e-bikes.

Three people bike on the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Where to Ride

From recreational bike riding on trails to transportation biking through a city, we have resources on where to ride in Washington state.

Walrus on bike

Bike theft and hazards

Tips on how to prevent bike thefts, resources for registering your bike, how to report a stolen bike, and how to lock up your bike.

Bob Anderton, Attorney at Washington Bike Law

Bike Attorneys

Cascade provides a list of bike attorneys as a service to the community -- not as an endorsement, reference, or recommendation.