Getting Started with Bike Education Classes

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Objectives for Getting Started

These classes are geared towards people on bikes who are starting to ride for the first time (or coming back after a few years off). The class will help you feel confident riding your bike on multi-purpose trails or doing basic bike maintenance. 

  • Ride confidently and with control
  • Understand the basic rules of the road and trail
  • Perform safety checks and basic bike maintenance

Learn to Ride

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Cascade's Learn to Ride classes are popular one-on-one 60 minute bike riding lessons that teach the basics of bicycling to people from ages 10 to 100. Some students have never been on a bike before, and some have not ridden in 20 years. We are proud to say the majority of students learn to successfully ride their bike within one or two classes! 

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Advance your skills with a Learn to Ride Further class

Moving Forward

Do you have a grasp on how to ride a bike but want to gain more confidence stopping, starting, and signaling? Take a spin with Learn to Ride Further where you'll continue to receive one on one instruction in a controlled environment to practice the foundational skills needed to be a controlled bike rider.

Essential Biking Knowledge

This interactive presentation over Zoom is the first step to being a confident and prepared bike rider. This course is a prerequisite for our on-bike group classes (both Basic Cycling Techniques and Urban Cycling Techniques) but is also informative taken on its own. 


Learn how to avoid delays while out biking in our Fix-a-Flat class. We’ll talk through how to prevent a flat, show you the tools and supplies you’ll need for a quick repair, and walk through how to take off your back wheel and fix a flat on your own bike.

Maintenance for Every Rider

Understand more about general bike parts and their functions using your own bike! Feel confident in performing basic maintenance while improving your ability to assess your bike’s mechanical condition. With your newfound mechanic abilities, you'll be able to maximize fun while saving money, keep your bike clean to minimize wear, and know the limits of your skill and knowledge.

E-Bike Classes

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We offer e-bike versions of our Fix-a-Flat and Maintenance for Every Rider classes. These e-bike classes have a smaller student-to-instructor ratio and are a great opportunity to learn what makes an e-bike tick. The classes also teach what is or is not within a home mechanic's ability to address.