Rides committee


Rides Committee 2023


Rides committee meetings are 5:30-7:30 p.m. the last Monday of the month (except May - next to last Monday). Meetings are open to anyone. Contact the rides committee chair if you have a particular item that you would like to be placed on the meeting agenda. The meetings are being held virtually, but we hope to return soon to the Cascade Bicycling Center (conference room) located at 7787 62nd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115.


Rides Committee Members


Jeff Powers


Rides Program Manager

Davíd Urbina



Davíd Urbina 


Members at Large 

Michael Boyer



Marlene Druker



Robert Onishi



Mike Upsall



Andy Williams


  Juliana Peña me@julip.co
  Joseph Roberts josephr500@gmail.com


Working Groups

  • Cascade Training Series (CTS)      Davíd Urbina, Joni Griffis
  • Ride Leader Professionalism          Jeff Powers, David Urbina               
  • Cascade Women                             Mary Hoshizaki, Pam Means
  • OTS Rides                                       Michael Boyer, Mary Hoshizaki
  • Rides Calendar Monitor                   Mike Upsall
  • RL Handbook                                  Jeff Powers                                       
  • Rides Library                                   David Urbina 
  • Safety                                              Juliana Peña
  • Outreach                                          Marlene Druker, Davíd Urbina
  • Social Media                                    Michael Boyer
  • COVID-19 Policy                             Joseph Roberts, Jeff Powers, David Urbina 

Business Processes

  • Ride Leader Certification                 Andy Williams, coordinator  rlcert@cascade.org
  • Certification Class Instructors          Jeff Powers, Andy Williams
  • RL Mentors                                      Robert Onishi
  • RL Incentives & Awards                   Davíd Urbina, Jeff Powers
  • Rides Approvals                               Jeff Powers, Andy Williams, Joseph Roberts, Marlene Druker                                              

For questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Rides committee chair


Rides Committee Member Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for initial and continuing Rides Committee membership:

  • Current Cascade Premium member
  • Active Ride Leader posting a minimum of six rides a year; or serving as a Ride Director for at least six rides a year.
  • Frequent participation in a variety of Free Group Rides posted and led by other Ride Leaders.
  • Attend Rides Committee meetings held monthly, as well as Ride Leader meetings and Happy Hours held approximately quarterly (unless there are unavoidable circumstances such as illness, work requirements, or travel)
  • Actively engaged in the Rides Committee business by serving on one or more subcommittees or task manager positions and participation in on-line discussions between meetings.
  • Be prepared for Rides Committee meetings by reviewing material provided in advance.

Updated March 2021