Join Us for Breakfast and Celebrate How ‘Bikes Bridge Communities’

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Paul Tolmé

  • The Kaiser Permanente Bike Everywhere Breakfast benefiting Cascade Bicycle Club will be held in-person on May 25 at Seattle’s Bell Harbor Conference Center.
  • Join us as a table captain or register to help us celebrate our 2021 successes–and look ahead to our 2022 priorities.


Bikes bridge communities. They bring us together for rides and friendship. They connect neighborhoods and cities via shared bike routes, trails, and infrastructure. They bridge divides of class, race, and gender due to their affordability and accessibility. They unite us around a vision for a safer, cleaner, and healthier future.

Bicycles Bridge Communities is the theme of our annual Kaiser Permanente Bike Everywhere Breakfast on May 25. For the first time since 2019, we will hold the breakfast in-person at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center on Alaskan Way in Seattle. We encourage attendees to ride their bikes and park in our secure bike corral. Register here.

The breakfast is both Cascade’s most important fundraiser of the year and an opportunity for us to introduce our 2022 winners of the Doug Walker Award, which is presented annually to honor the organizations and people who have shown outstanding leadership in creating a better community through bicycling. 

This year, our Doug Walker Award recipients are state Sen. Marko Liias and state Rep. Jake Fey, who worked hard to win passage of $1.3 billion in funding for bike infrastructure and education in the Move Ahead Washington transportation package.

Executive Director Lee Lambert will take the podium after eight months on the job to speak about Cascade’s past and future, celebrate our accomplishments and look ahead to the priorities we will pursue in 2022 and beyond. Recent wins include the repeal of King County’s racially discriminatory and ineffective helmet law in King County, and the opening of the $56 million John Lewis Memorial Bridge in Seattle’s Northgate neighborhood. 

Cascade will also take a moment to highlight the big victories for bicycling in the Move Ahead Washington legislation. Our sister organization Washington Bikes played a key role in helping win support for the historic level of funding for bike infrastructure and education in this legislation. Cascade will work hard in coming years to ensure the money is spent on projects and programs that support bicycling initiatives statewide.  

We will also present a video that will explore the many ways that bikes bridge communities, with segments that highlight:

  • the resumption of our incredibly popular Let’s Go bike education curriculum in Seattle Public Schools; 

  • the continued expansion of our Pedaling Relief Project that enables volunteers on bikes to deliver food and supplies to support local food banks;

  • how we are bringing people together to celebrate the return of our major rides season for 2022;

  • the important role of advocacy and public involvement in creating infrastructure and bike-friendly policies across Washington.

Watch our 2021 Bike Everywhere Breakfast video, Bikes Make the Difference, and our 50 Year Anniversary video from 2020.

Let’s close with a quote from our previous Board President Tamara Schmautz from our 2021 breakfast. It sums up the spirit of our work and of the breakfast: 

“We are all familiar with the peloton effect, where a group of people on bikes working together can go farther and faster than they could alone. The peloton is a community. And it symbolizes what all of us who love bikes can accomplish when we join together.”

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