The long road to a safe and protected downtown Basic Bike Network

The recent delays to the planned 4th Ave. protected bike lane are the latest in what has seemingly become a pattern of delays to building the downtown protected bike network. 

Despite adoption of the most recent Bike Master Plan back in 2014, and intentions to implement downtown first, we are now looking at a 2021 timeline for major connections needed to create a safe system of places to bike. 

Here’s a look back at some of the headlines over the years: 

7/2015 - Join us at the Center City Bike Network Open House tonight! (SDOT Blog)
7/2015 - City kicks off development of downtown bike lane network, open house Tuesday (Seattle Bike Blog)
4/2016 - Why Did the City Kill Its Own Plan to Build Life-Saving Bike Lanes in Downtown and South Seattle? (The Stranger)
5/2016 - Seattle Backslides on Bike Plan Construction (Next City)
5/2016 - Frustrated Seattle bikers say Bicycle Master Plan pared down, delayed (Seattle Times)
5/2016 - City Betrays Cyclists (The Stranger)
11/2016 - Seattle’s new budget speeds up bike plan, boosts major Rainier Ave remakes + more (Seattle Bike Blog)
11/2016 - Bikes win big in Seattle’s budget (Cascade)
1/2017 - 2016 was the year of bike plan delays, will 2017 be any better? (Seattle Bike Blog)
1/2017 - The One Center City plan includes some bold ideas, but fails to prioritize safety (Seattle Bike Blog)
1/2017 - A Basic Bike Network for One Center City (Seattle Neighborhood Greenways)
1/2017 - City announces $3 million in bicycle and pedestrian improvements (City of Seattle)
2/2017 - Seattle’s chance to act boldly: Testing a downtown Basic Bike Network through One Center City (Cascade)
2/2017 - Seattle Needs A Basic Bike Network Now (The Urbanist)
2/2017 - Editorial: Go Big on One Center City (Transit Blog)
9/2017 - One Center City recommends two-way protected bike lane on 4th Ave. (Cascade)
9/2017 - New downtown vision includes 4th Ave bike lanes, new transit pathway on 6th Ave (Seattle Bike Blog)
12/2017 - The Bike-to-Work Movement Is Growing in Seattle, But It Needs More Support From Employers (Seattle Business)
1/2018 - One Center City: Seattle’s Transportation Update (Nexus)
3/2018 - Are One Center City Multimodal Improvements on the Way? (The Urbanist)
4/2018 - One Center City Delays 4th Ave bike lane until 2021, Accelerates 2nd to Dearborn (Cascade)

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