Bicycle Disaster Response Exercises

Bicycle Disaster Response Exercise

What is a Bicycle Disaster Response Exercise?

A Bicycle Disaster Response Exercise is a ride that is designed to simulate many of the challenges cyclists will face when using their bikes to provide support for their communities in the aftermath of a major natural disaster. Types of support that cyclists will most likely provide include, transporting food, medicine, and water from central aid stations to smaller neighborhood hubs, survey and report on damage and local community aid needs, transport messages and packages from community hub to community hub during times in which electronic communications are unavailable, and much more! Currently we are not calling these events due to some incompatibilities between how we will be organizing these events and the current Disaster Relief Trial requirements. We greatly respect all of the work that the original Disaster Relief Trial organizers have done and we will continue to work with the original organizers as best we can to hopefully call these events Disaster Relief Trials in the future.

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