Event date: 
Saturday, November 19, 2022 - 9:00am

Cranksgiving 2022

Save the date! Cranksgiving returns for 2022. Join Seattle Bike Blog and Pedaling Relief Project for this event that combines a scavenger hunt with biking, all while supporting food banks and their patrons. Cranksgiving will benefit the University District Food Bank, Byrd Barr Place, and the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

No registration needed and this event is free to enter, but expect to spend at least $20 buying groceries (more is welcome, of course). Bring a pen and a way to carry groceries.

Financial assistance is available to participants to cover the expected cost of donations. Click HERE if you would like assistance. Thank you to Bike Works & REI for providing this financial assistance!

Check for details!

Your checklist for Cranksgiving tomorrow

  1. Arrive at the Start point between 9am and 10am (at Byrd Barr Place Food Bank)

  2. Bundle up and stay warm by wearing cold weather clothing. Layers work best!

  3. Be prepared to ride 12 to 15 miles. You’ll be riding to two food banks, including Byrd Barr Place.

  4. Bring a way to navigate, like a map or a smartphone.

  5. Bring a way to carry food bank donations on your bike, backpack, bike bags, trailer, cargo bike.

  6. Bring a bike lock.

  7. Brink a mask and water bottle.

  8. Remember to have fun riding your bike and supporting your local food bank!

Bonus! We are giving extra points to riders who donate gently used women's winter and wet weather cycling clothing. Donations can be dropped off at the Start point. Your donations will go to Afghan refugee cyclists and Major Taylor Project students.

More details

Date: Saturday, November 19

9:00am: Meet at Byrd Barr Place Food Bank

10:00am - 2:00pm: Scavenger Hunt!

1:00pm - 3:30pm: After Party at Central Cinema!

Start Point Location: Byrd Barr Place food bank

Address: 722 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 (map)

How Cranksgiving 2020 will work

Riders can expect to ride 12 to 15 miles for the whole event

Start point

Everyone will meet at the Start point at Byrd Barr Place at 9am.

  • You'll choose whether to ride to the University District Food Bank or the Bike Works drop-off location for the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

  • We'll give you a manifest card for that food bank that lists all of the things that they need and also recommended grocery sellers to pick those items up at.

Ride to the first food bank

  • You'll ride to your chosen food bank, buying items for them along the way and marking off the points that you'll get for those items on your manifest card.

  • There are also fun challenges for extra points on the card, like taking a photo with a leaf the size of your head, or delivering groceries to a food bank client near the University District Food Bank!

  • After you get to your chosen food bank you'll drop off your donations into clearly marked bins in front of the food bank. Add up all your points on your first manifest card.

  • Then check-in with a volunteer so that they can stamp your first manifest card and give you your second manifest card. Everyone's second manifest card takes them back to the Byrd Barr Place food bank so that we can bring them donations.

Ride to the second food bank (the one that the start point was at)

  • With your second manifest card you'll ride back to the Byrd Barr Place food bank doing the same as with your first card, buying items that they need and completing fun little challenges.

After party

  • Finally at the end we are holding an After party at Central Cinema for all of the participants!

Time commitment wise we estimate that it will take everyone around 4 to complete the ride, going out to one food bank and then coming back to the first one.

There is no pressure to attend the after party and if you only have time to ride to 1 food bank that is OK too!


Contact Information:  Maxwell Burton at



Byrd Barr Place
722 18th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
United States