Bike Month is *Now* Climate Month. Pledge to Replace Car Trips in May!

Rachel Schaeffer

Rachel Schaeffer

  • This May, Cascade is launching “Bike Month is Climate Month'' and inviting you to join our Pledge to Pedal by replacing one car trip a week with a bike trip. However much time you spend on your bike, you can join the Pledge to Pedal community today! 

This year at Cascade, Bike Month is Climate Month. Why? Because advocating for better biking has a lot in common with advocating for action on climate change. Bike policy is climate policy. To celebrate, Cascade is hosting a month of events in May to explore the intersections between bike advocacy and climate action. 

Did you know that transportation is Washington State’s greatest source of climate pollution? By pledging to replace just one car trip a week with a bike trip,  you can discover how accessible it is to bike for transportation. Almost 50% of car trips are less than three miles long. That’s a perfect distance for a bike trip!

Join the pledge today

Biking is fun and healthy, and it’s good for the planet. Reducing our reliance on short car trips is one way we can lower our personal climate impact and create strong, long-lasting personal habits. But completely changing how we get around doesn’t just happen overnight. 

By taking the Pledge to Pedal, you will: 

  • receive helpful tips, encouragement, and stories from others in your community throughout the month to help you meet your goal and make biking a part of your routine

  • learn about how to take climate action in ways that reach beyond biking and work towards larger solutions to climate change 

Individual Action Matters, But We Need Systemic Change

When our communities have better air quality, people-first spaces, and abundant housing near the places we need to go, then it’s easier and safer to go by bike. 

Bicycling, in addition to walking and taking transit, plays an important part in shifting our transportation system to one that’s healthier for people and the environment. 

The Pledge to Pedal is a great way to celebrate Bike Everywhere Month, enjoy the outdoors, and try out (or grow) a form of transportation that’s environmentally friendly! 

Join the pledge today 

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Header photo credit: Adam Coppala 

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