Cascade Bike Advocacy Training is Back and Better than Ever!

  • Join Your Streets Your Say to learn how to become an effective, powerful, and engaged advocate for the issues that matter most.

Cascade’s advocacy training program is back with a new name and more great programming. For more than a decade, Cascade has hosted the Advocacy Leadership Institute to train community members around the state and share the skills needed to advocate for important transportation issues in your neighborhoods. The curriculum, developed by a team of community organizers and experts, has evolved. Now it’s time for a new name to reflect that evolution.  

The Advocacy Leadership Institute is now Your Streets Your Say. We will offer three training sessions (virtually) in 2022, the first in March. Apply today! 

We’ve renamed the program to reflect the truth that everyone deserves a say in creating streets, communities, and transportation networks that move us all forward. The streets where we live, work, and travel should be built to keep us safe and healthy. They should be designed in ways that improve our lives and make our neighborhoods more climate resilient. Community members should be at the forefront of deciding how to make our streets safer for people who bike, walk, and roll. We are excited to work with passionate individuals around the state who want tools to help change their streets and communities for the better.  

By participating in Your Streets Your Say, you will learn how create transformational change in active transportation, climate justice, and safety initiatives in your community. We teach advocates how to share their stories and messages, build successful campaigns and coalitions, and connect with people in power. We have helped more than 175 community leaders find their voice in advocacy, and we lead projects to create communities that reflect their values.

A few of the great community projects that became a reality due to ALI, now Your Streets Your Say, include:

  • The Seattle Bike Match Program, started by Maggie Harger, which was founded at the beginning of the pandemic and connected essential workers in need of bikes with bikes that were available for use.

  • An all ages party in Ballard with a slow ride to build community and gather folks around the joy of biking on their streets.

  • A bike to school program in Kirkland, led by Faith DeBolt, that inspired a huge turnout on Bike to School Day in 2017. Faith also coordinated with the school, the City of Kirkland, and the King County SchoolPool pilot program to encourage families to walk, bike, and carpool to school. 

Applications are open for Your Streets Your Say. This year we will host three virtual training cohorts to help you stand up and be heard.

Your Streets Your Say trainings:
  1. Seattle Advocacy (March-April)

  2. Women and Non-Binary cohort (May-June)

  3. Statewide Advocacy (September-October)

Apply today by filling out this form. 

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