Praise for Cascade’s Learn to Ride Classes. “I Was Able to Learn in Less Than One Hour!”

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Paul Tolmé

  • Learn to Ride and Learn to Ride Further classes continue through the end of October.
  • “I am spreading the word for friends to sign up.”

It’s the type of praise that makes Education Coordinator Amy Korver, who oversees Cascade’s Learn to Ride classes, crack a big smile: 

“This class was amazing and took me from having never been able to ride a bike to being comfortable enough to purchase a bike and ride it in just one lesson,” wrote a participant in one of our classes. “Incredible!”

Learn to Ride and Learn to Ride Further classes have been extremely popular this year, with many classes selling out, as more individuals take up bicycling to improve their health and happiness. Classes are open to anyone over the age of 10, and bicycles and helmets are available to borrow. 

“Learn to Ride” is specifically geared toward new riders or people returning to bicycling after a long absence, while “Learn to Ride Further” helps individuals who have the basics but need assistance with skills including shifting, getting on and off of a high seat, turning quickly, and more.


Instructor Nancy Helm helps a student practice turning.

Not only has the quantity of lessons risen, Korver says, “the quality of the program keeps improving thanks to our incredibly solid and kind instructors.” 

A sample of some post-lesson feedback the program has received:

  • “Kelly (instructor Kelly Carpenter) was amazing! I came scared and left confident. She is a gem!”

  • “My instructor, Nancy (Helm) was supportive and not condescending. I have gained more confidence in learning to ride and become more hopeful even at age 72. She praised my accomplishments and helped me to feel successful. Thank you!”

  • “Sal (instructor Sal Ponce) was great, and I’m so glad to have had this opportunity.”

  • “I wish I knew about Cascade five years ago. I am spreading the word for friends to sign up for class. Thank you for what you do!”

  • “I was able to learn in less than an hour!”

  • “Kelly (Carpenter) understood ‘where I was’ and was so positive and supportive about each small thing I did well. I felt good after the class.”


Korver shows proper positioning.

Korver, who has a background in musical theater, finds gratification in helping people begin their bicycling journey. “I am immensely proud of this program, proud of my instructors, and proud that I get to work in an organization that makes moments like this happen.”

While it is exciting to get people riding confidently after just one class, some students, including those with learning differences, may require multiple lessons, Korver says. This is normal. Everyone learns at their own pace. 

“Working with someone over a longer term to accomplish their goal of learning to ride is incredibly inspirational for us, and often life-changing for the students,” Korver says. “Learning to ride a bike literally expands your horizons. Whether it takes one day or several, we are here to help anyone over the age of 10 learn the freedom and joy of riding a bike.” 

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