Major Taylor Project receives generous gift from 100 Women Who Care Greater Seattle


Left to right: Paula Rothkopf, Ed Ewing, Kathy Reeves and Ilene Jones celebrate the gift to the Major Taylor Project. Photo courtesy of 100 Women Who Care. 

By Paula Rothkopf, guest contributor

Hi, my name is Paula Rothkopf and I have been a member of Cascade Bicycle Club since 1989. Back then there weren’t very many women cyclists, but that didn’t stop me from taking up bicycling. I thought it was great as a kid, so why wouldn’t it be just as great as an adult? I went from riding Chilly Hilly to completing the STP (in one day) my first year! 

I am also a member of 100 Women Who Care Greater Seattle giving circle, and we chose the Major Taylor Project as the recipient of our October donation of $3,500. We felt strongly that all young people should have the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle. 

So who are 100 Women Who Care? We are a group of women who lead busy lives but want to do some good in our local community. Together we achieve more, so three times a year we meet and agree to help one local charity in a really BIG way. Each time we meet, members donate $100, and all the donations are pooled together and awarded to a single charity chosen by a group vote. 

Our Seattle chapter is still growing, but we have high hopes of fulfilling our namesake by reaching 100 members. Imagine what we could do! 

Our goal: 100 people x $100 = $10,000 impact to a charity chosen by the group each time we meet.

To date we have donated $12,900 to support nonprofits in our community. So if you want to be a part of giving to great organizations like Cascade Bicycle Club and others, come join 100 Women Who Care Greater Seattle to nominate your favorite charities and vote on a charity to receive 100% of our donation. Our next event is at Pyramid Ale House on Feb. 1, 2017. Voting online is also an option if you can’t make the event.

Help make us 100 strong and make a commitment! Check out our website or visit us on Facebook. We are excited that our donation to the Major Taylor Project can make a difference.

Happy Holidays from 100 Women Who Care!


This blog post was written by a guest contributor, and all opinions expressed are those of the writer. We'd like to thank 100 Women Who Care Greater Seattle for their generous gift and contribution to the Cascade blog.   

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