Weekend rides, costumes optional

jack-o-lanterns 2007 by nicomachus, on FlickrIt's that time of year when people wear colorful outfits and take to the streets to en masse for a community celebration, rain or shine. For the bike-minded, that sounds sneakingly like STP, but of course, I'm talking about Halloween weekend. And in keeping with the festivities, some of our daily rides are looking to Halloween for inspiration.

Cascades daily rides are free and open to anyone and everyone. If you've never come on one of our rides, take a quick peek at our info for newcomers so you know what to expect. Select a ride at a pace level that you can handle comfortably over the terrain indicated. On the day of the ride, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, prepared with a bike in good working order (tires pumped!), tools and knowledge to repair a flat, your helmet, some cash and -- this being Halloween weekend -- some treats.

Below are three spooktacular rides rolling out this weekend, but if they're not your speed, we've got many more on the schedule. Happy Halloween!

FRUMPS: Search for the Great Pumpkin
Friday, Oct. 29, 10 a.m.
25 - 30 miles at a 12-14 mph steady pace.
Meet at Tolt MacDonald Park in Carnation

Please join us on our search for the perfect pumpkin and lunch at the end of the ride at Remlinger Farms.

Pedaling for Posthumous Pastures
Saturday, Oct. 30, 10 a.m.
30 miles at a 14 - 16 mph moderate pace.
Meet at Burnett Linear Park in Renton.

Welcome to another yearly edition of cemetery exploration. As we near the night when ghosts, ghouls, and goblins appear to spook us all into giving them treats, we'll again embark on a journey to the grave of Baby Monster.

SPOKES: Celebrity Bones Ride--Jimi Hendrix
Sunday, Oct. 31, noon
25 miles at a 10 - 12 mph leisurely pace.
Meet at South Bellevue Park & Ride, 2766 112th Ave SE

SPOKES will start at the South Bellevue Park & Ride and take a roundabout way to the Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton to visit Jimi Hendrix's grave in honor of Halloween. We will stop on the way to or from for a hallowed snack.

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