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We're expanding Let's Go across Washington state to create a new generation of youth who value bicycling, walking, and public transportation as the first options for mobility through their adult lives. We hope to create lifelong advocates for active mobility to advance our state's climate, public health, and equity goals.

Cascade has been providing youth bike education to Seattle and Edmonds public schools since 2016, teaching upward of 25,000 Puget Sound-area children bike and pedestrian safety skills to begin their lifelong joy of safe bicycling and walking. Now, that curriculum is expanding statewide thanks to the creation of the School-Based Bicycle Safety Education Program administered by the Washington State Department of Transportation, which selected Cascade to design and implement this expansion. 

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Cascade is working with educators across the state to implement the statewide bike education programs, which will phase in over 16 years and are expected to reach 90 percent of Washington state students by 2039. Equity is central to this expansion as Cascade is prioritizing partners who serve communities where equity, safety, and community plans point to the highest needs.

In the pilot year of the program (2023-2024 school year) Cascade has partnered with six large school districts: Spokane, Tacoma, Bellingham, Highline, Everett, and Vancouver, and two Education Service Districts (ESD): North Central Educational Service District 171 and Northwest Educational Service District 189. These partner districts are planning to implement the program through Physical Education classes in over 45 schools across Washington state.

2024-2025 Grant Application Open

Cascade is now seeking proposals from Large School Districts (6,000+ students enrolled in grades 3-8) and Educational Service Districts (ESDs) throughout Washington who wish to receive grant funding to administer an in-class bicycle education and pedestrian safety program inspired by Cascade Bicycle Club’s flagship "Let’s Go" program to serve elementary students in grades 3-5. Applications will be accepted until April 5, 2024.

Together, these educational partners are implementing the program in PE classes in over 55 elementary schools across WA state.

Student Impact

"A fourth grader who has spina bifida was very excited to work hard in learning to ride a bike. He had never been on a bike, but was eager to learn. He went from walking to striding to being able to get to the pedals for about 5 seconds by the end of the unit. Our physical therapist spent time with him once a week during the unit with the strider bike and attended PE to provide extra support for this student. At the end of the unit, this student’s family expressed their excitement to continue to teach him how to ride a bike and to work with him at home. The family was looking into buying him a bike and expressed how neat it was to see their son so passionate about this!

My entire staff expressed how neat this program was and how thankful they were for me to take this on and teach our students. One of our staff members who is hardly ever excited about anything, pulled me aside to share what a huge impact this bike unit had on her students. She is really looking forward to this unit coming back next year and beyond, along with the rest of my staff."

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Expand our Statewide effort

Volunteer with partner schools

If you're interested in volunteering at a school near you, let us know and we will make all the introductions to teachers at participating schools in your area. We're constantly expanding the reach of Let's Go Across the State, so if there isn't a school near you yet, there may be in the future!

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Donate to Let's Go

Make a huge impact in your support by giving to Cascade and bringing the freedom and joy of bicycling to riders in schools across the state. There are many quick and easy ways to donate to Cascade Bicycle Club to support our work in education, advocacy, and community building.

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Funded by Washington's Climate Commitment Act

Cascade's Statewide School-Based Bicycle Education Program is supported with funding from Washington’s Climate Commitment Act. The CCA supports Washington’s climate action efforts by putting cap-and-invest dollars to work reducing climate pollution, creating jobs, and improving public health. Information about the CCA is available at www.climate.wa.gov.

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