Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a member

Why should I become a Cascade member?
As a nonprofit, Cascade members are a vital part of supporting our bike education, advocacy, and community work. In addition, members enjoy early registration and discounts on Cascade rides, voting rights, membership meetings, and special pro-deals and discounts with bicycle-friendly businesses. Check out the full list of membership partner benefits!

How do I become a member of Cascade Bicycle Club or renew my existing membership?
It's easy! Add an individual or family membership to your cart and click "check out" to complete your purchase. We also offer a limited-income membership. Want to sign up for an auto-renewing membership or upgrade your membership? Just purchase the appropriate membership level on our website.

When will my membership take effect and how long will it last?
Your membership at Cascade Bicycle Club begins the moment you purchase your membership. It will expire one year from the date of purchase unless you sign up for an auto-renewing membership. If you renew your membership early, your membership will be extended one year from the current expiration date.

Do you offer automatically renewing membership?
Yes, we do! Auto-renewing memberships are available for members, and we appreciate them very much. You'll never forget to renew because your membership dues will be automatically charged each year on the anniversary of your original purchase. Auto-renewing members are notified before dues are automatically charged to their credit card, and they can cancel their auto-recurring membership anytime.

Membership Levels

What is a Cascade Membership?
Our members pay annual dues in order to support our work and receive additional member benefits, like club voting rights, early registration and discounts on Cascade rides, partner discounts, among other perks. Find the membership level that fits your lifestyle!

What is a Champion membership?
Champion members go the extra mile by donating $1,000 or more to Cascade at one time or by purchasing a $1,000 Champion membership. Cascade Champion members receive even more member benefits, including a +1 buddy registration for every Cascade ride they purchase. Check out all the benefits of being a Champion member!

Do you have a senior membership or a membership for somebody on a limited income?
Yes! Whether you are a student, senior, or just on a budget, join us with our limited income premium membership option. Cascade supports Bicycling for All — and we mean all. We want everyone to be able to join Cascade as a member, and as one effort to keep Cascade inclusive, we offer a reduced rate individual or family premium membership to anyone who self-identifies as being on a limited income. Just select the limited income option when you select your membership level.

Family Memberships

What is a family membership and how many people can join?
Family memberships extend member benefits to your household, which includes two adults and any minor dependents living at the same address. This is a great way to share the joy of bicycling with your family and the next generation of people on bikes.

How do I upgrade my individual membership to a family membership?
Sign in to your account and add a one-year family membership to your cart. Your membership dues will be discounted in your cart by the one year individual membership dues you already paid.

If you have an auto-renewing membership or would like to upgrade to an auto-renewing membership, email us at

How do I add a family member to my Household?

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Navigate to Account > Manage Household. Add a new household member to your family membership here.

With a family membership, you can register yourself and the other adults in your household (and any minor dependents) for Cascade rides.

When you add household members, you can either invite existing users or you can create a new contact.

If you choose an existing user, that means you are inviting someone who already has a password to their own Cascade account. This person will be emailed an invitation to join your household. If they choose to do so, you can sign in to YOUR account to register them for rides AND they can register themselves for rides, using your member benefits, by signing in to their own account.

If you create a new contact, that person has not yet signed up for a account and does not have an existing account with a personal password yet. You will need to register them for any Cascade events.

How can I check my membership status or see who is included in my Family membership?
To view your membership status, review purchase history, add or remove members of your household, and edit your contact settings, just sign in to your account and select "Account."

Can I share my membership with friends or other adult family members?
No, adults must each sign the Cascade Bicycle Club Waiver and Release for every Cascade event registration, which is why family memberships are limited to two adults. 

How do I register someone in my family for a ride?
First, sign in to your account and add a new household member to your family membership under Account>>Manage Household. You can either create a new contact or invite an existing user (if they already have a password to, then they are an existing user).

Next, add two full-priced adult ride registrations to your cart. The check-out process will walk you through assigning your household members to each ride registration.

Tax Information

Are Cascade memberships tax-deductible or refundable?
Annual memberships are not tax-deductible. Champion $1,000 memberships are tax-deductible, less the fair market value of a Family membership of $90. Unless paid in error, membership dues are not eligible for refunds as described in Cascade's refund policies.