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This morning the Vulnerable User Bill, SB 5838, was heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It...
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Keep ‘em coming, folks! The Vulnerable User Bill has many complexities, and we want to be very clear about what we’re trying to accomplish and why. We also want to make sure our legislators are well-educated about this bill and confident that the answer is YEA when it’s time to vote. We've received innumerable questions about the Vulnerable User Bill, especially after our recent call to action . This is a complex issue, and we've tweaked the bill language with help from prosecutors, defenders and other stakeholders. You can read a printable summary here . Thank you to the 2,500 people (as of 2/11) who have contacted their senators so far! If you or your friends are wondering about the details, here are a few of the most common questions we've been asked: Don't we have enough laws?
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Oh yeah. They're coming to the Seattle Bicycle Expo on March 13 and 14.
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On the morning of February 4, 2009, word spread quickly that a cyclist had been struck and killed in Ballard. At the office, we fanned out to find out what happened and to whom. These are the messages we dread receiving more than any other. We learned that Kevin Black was bicycling to work at the University of Washington when a driver attempted an illegal U-turn in front of him. Kevin tried to maneuver around the large delivery van but was trapped underneath it and killed. The police cited the driver with a mere traffic ticket, nothing more. Coincidentally that same morning in Olympia, we introduced a Vulnerable User Bill in the state senate to address cases where sober drivers still make deadly decisions, cases just like Kevin's. Sadly, the 2009 bill failed to get out of committee and never made it to a full vote. It’s one year later, and we’re back working in to get the Vulnerable User Bill, SB 5838, passed and made into law. How can we get drivers to use more care on the road? How do we find justice for Kevin and Michele Black and their two daughters? There are three things you can do to make a difference.
Age: 37 Occupation: Pediatrician, University of Washington Medical Center Hometown: North Carolina Residence: Ballard Wheels: MADSEN cargo bike, Dutch Azor Transport, Specialized Globe Live 02 Ditch your trailer. That is Julian's advice to parents who want to ride with young children. You may wonder what type of Kool-Aid Julian is drinking, but you have to listen to a guy who can transport four kids on a bicycle. Julian loves biking with his three-year old daughter, Drew, upfront -- instead of in a tow-behind trailer. "We have some of our best conversations up there, and she gets to see more than my backside. It is much more enjoyable than listening to her cry or complain in a trailer." Solutions besides trailers do work. Like the Bike-Tutor from the U.K. that mounts on the top tube. Or the Bobike Mini, which mounts on the stem, for children aged 9 months to 3 years. Julian recommends both products as superior child carriers, but is also partial to cargo bikes like xtracycles, Dutch bakfietsen ("box bikes"), and MADSEN "precious cargo bikes." Julian has also installed bench and bucket car seats, complete with five-point buckle system, onto his MADSEN cargo bike. I ask how heavy the bike is. "Heavy? Are you calling my bike fat? I prefer strong-boned. She's as heavy as she needs to be."
8:17 a.m., riding north on Dibble Ave NW. What was it... 19 degrees? Me - 2 sweaters, 1 down jacket...
I had to make sure that your efforts were also known. I saw you pedaling down the street with a...
Dear Miss Panniers, There is grave danger lurking on our trails, streets, and sidewalks. It waits...