Cities Have a Responsibility for Safe Streets. Bellevue is Poised to Act
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It’s been a long road for Bellevue to implement Vision Zero in a way that truly saves lives, but we’re almost there. Join us on March 2 as Bellevue City Council is slated to finally adopt the framework that prioritizes safe streets for everyone in Bellevue, including people walking and biking.


There's a tried and true method to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries: it’s called Vision Zero. Deaths and serious injuries on our streets are preventable when leaders commit to safety outcomes.

Yet four years after Bellevue first passed a resolution to reach Vision Zero, deaths and serious injuries continue to rise. We’re calling on policymakers to act now to end traffic deaths and serious injuries.

Join us at 5:45 p.m. next Monday, March 2 at Bellevue City Hall as City Council considers a new policy framework on Vision Zero--one that has potential to bend the trend of rising fatalities in Bellevue, and create a safer community for all. Stand with us to show leaders people can’t wait for safe streets!

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Vision Zero is 100 percent achievable. Communities like Oslo in Norway and Helsinki in Sweden have demonstrated how organizing roadways, managing speed, and consistently making safety the top priorities lead to the unsurprising outcome of decreasing deaths and serious injuries. Eventually, to zero.

It’s been a long road to Vision Zero policies in Bellevue. In 2015, we asked the City of Bellevue to commit to end traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. With a resolution and subsequent ordinance, we stood together to make it clear that safety should always be the top priority.

Community voices are at the heart of our advocacy; dozens of neighbors showed up at Transportation Commission meetings this winter to underscore the importance of Vision Zero. Now we’re asking Council to get Bellevue on track to end traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

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Together, we can create a vibrant, safe, livable city.


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