Bellevue adopts Vision Zero Resolution

Photo credit: Michelle Plesko, Bellevue Ped/Bike Implementation Initiative 

Earlier this week, Bellevue City Council unanimously passed a resolution endorsing Vision Zero, a framework for prioritizing safety with the goal of achieving zero traffic deaths and serious injuries on Bellevue streets by 2030. Bellevue now joins the ranks of many cities around the country, including Seattle, Kenmore and Kirkland, that embrace road safety through Vision Zero. This is a big win for everyone who wants to more comfortably and safely walk and ride a bicycle in Bellevue.

In a council meeting on Monday, Dec. 7, Mayor Claudia Balducci emphasized the importance of moving quickly to adopt this resolution. While the adoption of this resolution represents real progress, Balducci acknowledged that it is just the beginning, and Bellevue still has a “tremendous amount of work to be done,” particularly in respect to incorporating Vision Zero strategies into the city’s Comprehensive Plan and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Implementation Initiative. Vision Zero means redesigning our streets, lowering speeds, connecting neighborhoods and providing road safety education and enforcement.

With over 450 collisions involving pedestrians and 15 overall traffic deaths in the last 10 years as a result of street collisions in Bellevue, the city’s adoption of this resolution is a critical first step.

We are very pleased to see Bellevue support Vision Zero.

At Cascade, we envision a future where there are zero bicyclists traffic deaths in the Puget Sound Region and all across the state of Washington. One death or serious injury is one too many. As part of our strategic plan, we’re focused on helping cities adopt Vision Zero policies and plans by providing educational workshops and resources to elected officials and city staff. Cascade hosted our first Vision Zero workshop in Bellevue this summer, and we were pleased with the enthusiasm and quick action from Bellevue city staff and electeds who attended.

We applaud Mayor Balducci and the entire Bellevue City Council for taking the critical step of adopting a resolution, and we look forward to supporting the city as they implement plans that align with Vision Zero and make our streets and neighborhoods safer for everyone.