Upcoming Free Group Ride explores hidden gem in Gig Harbor

If you’ve ever ridden in one of Cascade’s Free Group Rides, you’ve probably discovered a great way to get a dose of healthy physical activity and meet new friends. But you might be surprised to learn that some of our rides also offer insight into the hidden gems within your community. 

Every day, we add more unique options to the Free Group Rides calendar, which features rides all over the Puget Sound region and for all types of riding styles and abilities. For example, if you live in the Gig Harbor area and are curious about local trail exploration, you might be interested in one of our latest opportunities. On Thursday, August 29, join Cascade in meeting Nicole Jones-Vogel, the new parks manager for the City of Gig Harbor. This leisurely paced lunchtime ride will feature a stretch of the Cushman Trail, a mixed-use, paved trail and wonderful city asset for exploration. 

Cascade Rides Program Manager Davíd Urbina explains that this type of ride is great for someone who is interested in the intersection between recreational riding and bicycle advocacy. 

“Our Free Group Rides are not just about training and recreation,” he said. “We have amazing Ride Leaders who post rides each month that delve into the history of our region and educate riders on trail networks and hot issues within the bicycling community.” 

Davíd points to great examples, such as a similar Free Group Ride that joined the festivities surrounding the Eastrail Activation Event on the Eastside, as well as an upcoming ride scheduled to celebrate the re-opening of the Elliot Bay Trail in early September. “And we have opportunities like the upcoming Cushman Trail ride in Gig Harbor that introduce riders to champions of the bicycling community, and to those who have the power to greatly influence the greater acceptance of bicycle infrastructure within our area,” he said.

No matter what type of bicycling best suits your interests and abilities, the Free Group Rides program is a great place to start. All that’s required is a bike, a helmet, and a commitment to safety. Need to rent a bike? Check out our bike rentals resource page to find some options throughout the region. Many of our Free Group Rides are even ebike friendly!

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Diana Bryant