Did you know many of Cascade’s rides and events are ebike friendly?

Photo courtesy of Rad Power Bikes

Time flies when your wheels are spinning! It’s been almost a year since we celebrated the Ebike World Record Ride powered by Rad Power Bikes, in which we saw 405 ebikes gather to break the Guinness World Records title of most ebikes on a single ride. 

Last year’s Ebike World Record Ride may have been designed specifically with ebikes in mind, but Cascade has plenty of other offerings that are ebike friendly for Class 1 and 2 ebikes. Our annual lineup of major riding events includes many fun routes that cater to all types of riding abilities and bike styles, including ebikes. The Woodinville Wine Ride, the Seattle Night Ride and the upcoming Kitsap Color Classic are all great choices that welcome ebikes.  

If smaller group riding is more your thing, Cascade also offers Free Group Rides, most of which are ebike friendly up to a “moderate” pace level (16 mph). Ebikes are not permitted on “brisk” or faster Free Group Rides because the physical and technical skill training objectives of these rides is inconsistent with electric assist. (Note: ebikes that do not require pedal force to operate are not allowed on any Free Group Rides). Whether you prefer an ebike or a traditional one, the Free Group Rides program offers options for riders of all skill levels and is a great way to get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with bicycling. Plus you’re sure to meet new friends and add some exercise to your routine. Check out the Free Group Rides calendar to find a ride that works for you.   

If you’re already an avid ebike rider but could use a brush-up on maintenance skills, we’ve got that covered, too. New this summer, Cascade is partnering with Rad Power Bikes to offer ebike maintenance classes at the Rad Power Bikes showroom in Ballard (where all brands of ebikes are welcome). Visit our website to learn more about the upcoming fall season of ebike maintenance classes held at Cascade’s office. 

As we continue to grow our programming in line with our mission to improve lives through bicycling, we’re excited to find new ways to incorporate ebikes into the lineup. Cascade's vision is bicycling for all, and we believe that innovative technology can help more people discover the joys of bicycling. Visit our website to learn more about Cascade’s ebike initiative

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