Bellevue Reaffirms Commitment to Vision Zero

In the effort to keep people safe and prevent injury, Bellevue doubles-down on Vision Zero Action Plan to eliminate traffic-related deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

Following the adoption of a Vision Zero Resolution in 2015, Bellevue is working to keep people safe and prevent injury. Now, they want your help.

With the theme “One City Toward Safe Streets”, Bellevue is coordinating across city departments to implement Vision Zero strategies working towards a Vision Zero Action Plan. The goal is to make Bellevue’s streets safe for everyone by eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries on Bellevue’s streets by 2030. Regardless of age, physical ability, or whether people choose to walk, bike, take transit, or drive, everyone should be able to get around safely in Bellevue.

The City is requesting feedback on a questionnaire by February 11 to help City staff better understand the public’s perceptions about street safety, with particular emphasis on improving safety for people walking, bicycling, taking transit, and driving.

The Vision Zero movement is based on the belief that roadway deaths and serious injuries are unacceptable and preventable. Every 17 days someone is killed or seriously injured on Bellevue’s streets, while nationwide, more than 37,000 people were killed by traffic-related crashes in 2017.

Questionnaire responses will be used to develop strategies and take action. The survey is part of Bellevue’s Vision Zero Action Plan, which includes gathering City employees for a day-long summit on Vision Zero next month.

At Cascade, we envision a future where there are zero bicyclists traffic deaths in the Puget Sound Region and all across the state of Washington. One death or serious injury is one too many. We hope you’ll join Bellevue in prioritizing safety by supporting Vision Zero.

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