We're making history with ebikes!

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Have you heard? We’re making history with the Cascade Bicycle Club Ebike World Record Ride & Expo powered by Rad Power Bikes on Sept. 15! 

Bring your ebike and join us on a free light 2-mile parade around beautiful Magnuson Park as we attempt world record history. There will also be an Ebike Expo with exhibitors showcasing great ebike products and accessories. Participants get a free commemorative t-shirt with their free registration!

Curious about how ebikes are enhancing the ways in which folks get around? We asked ebike riders what they love about their bikes, and we heard great feedback.

JoAnn’s ebike makes riding fun again:
For about two years, my husband tried to convince me to buy an ebike. Every time we rode together, it was a struggle for me to keep up with him, speed wise and distance wise. I loved riding, but after a short while, it became a chore. I didn't want an ebike for fear that I would get too comfortable and not really get a workout when we rode. Finally, I gave in and agreed to purchase one. I've owned my ebike now for about three years now, and I can't tell you what a difference it has made! "The Great Equalizer," as my husband calls it, does just that! I can ride faster, longer and much more enjoyably! We ride much more often and I don't come home so beat up that I can't even climb the stairs. I do still get a workout - the hills and gears see to that! I love, love, love my ebike. I would encourage anyone to consider it! 

For Ben, ebikes mean riding more comfortably with his wife:
My wife and I are hovering around 60 years of age. For my wife's birthday last year, I converted her bike to an ebike due to worsening knee problems that prevented her from riding. She was thrilled and now rides all the time without limitation. So, I converted one of my own bikes to an ebike and used it throughout the winter and spring months. It was just a fantastic upgrade. These ebikes are freeing, allowing us to get regular exercise, even climbing steep hills, without excessive strain. Those two conversions were those rare purchases that were completely void of buyers remorse. 

Tim’s ebike makes commuting with his son a breeze:
I work at UW and commute about 8 miles each way from Shoreline. I have to pay to park at work, and even parking in the cheapest lot I spend over $110 a month on parking alone. Adding a tank or two of gas and it's over $160+ monthly just to commute. I used to commute on my road bike but once we had our son, time constraints with his daycare meant I couldn't make it to pick him up in time with my traditional bike. There are some very long and steep hills between my office and his daycare that I just couldn't power over in a reasonable amount of time. After doing some research, I found Rad Power Bikes and purchased a Radwagon. I realized that I could not only make it in time, but I could pick him up and ferry him home on my bike. It has been absolutely amazing! Even with the assist, I still have to huff it up some of the steeper hills so I still get some cardio, but I never have to dismount and walk. It's gotten me out of sitting in traffic, saved me money, and I'm back to getting exercise every day. 

Interested in learning more about Cascade and ebikes? Read the FAQ and share your ebike story!

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