Bike Switzerland

The mountains... the villages... the fondue... the white wine... the vistas... I spent two years living in Switzerland, and let me tell you, it is a spectacular country. This September, Cascade has a fantastic bike tour lined up of beautiful Switzerland. Bike Switzerland

And, until January 31, you can save $300 on Bike Switzerland’s Lite Tour! The tour runs from Sept. 2 to Sept. 13, 2010 and crosses the entire country from West to East.

September is a lovely time to visit Switzerland. Riders average 35-40 miles per day, and this allows for plenty of time to enjoy your destinations (you’ll be staying in spa hotels, a monastery and two castles! )

This amazing tour package is almost all inclusive with premium lodging, all meals, transfers and high quality BMC bicycle. It’s the ride of a lifetime with a company that many Cascade members have enjoyed in the past.