Washington Bike, Walk, Roll Summit


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Washington Bike, Walk, and Roll Summit
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Monday, September 27, 2021 - 7:00am to Friday, October 1, 2021 - 7:00pm


2021 Washington Bike, Walk, and Roll 

Keynote Announcement

We are thrilled to announce our keynote speakers for the 2021 Washington Bike, Walk, Roll Summit:  Liz Jackson and Alex Haagaard, and Dara Baldwin.

Alex, a white nonbinary person with pale skin and blond hair worn in a messy quiff, pops a wheelie in their red and black lightweight manual wheelchair, while smiling slightly at the camera. Alex is wearing black compression gear, black weightlifting glovA close up of an olive skinned queer woman, with short dark hair covered in a red, white, and blue (but not particularly American-ish) hat. Eyes blissfully closed, a slight smirk, large noise cancelling headphones cover her ears. She is laying on a wooden

Alex Haagaard and Liz Jackson are the founding members of The Disabled List, an advocacy collective that engages with disability as a critical design practice. They examine how day-to-day practices of disability are both designerly and exploited by professional design culture.

Alex's lived experience of chronic illness and Autisticness forms the basis of their design research practice, affording them immersive and ongoing opportunities to study how disabled people are marginalized within design processes. They are interested in leveraging design's capacity for analyzing, reframing and reimagining toward the dismantling of oppressive systems and institutions.

Liz Jackson is currently analyzing power differentials that are embedded in corporate disability initiatives: primarily through how brand partnerships with large scale disability charities serve to undermine and neutralize the work of disabled employees and independent activists. Through this process, Liz works to shift the focus from those who wield power to those who can be entrusted to harness it.

We are looking forward to learning from Alex and Liz’s perspectives on disability-led design research, neglected modes of access, and disabled futures.

A headshot of a black woman with short hair smiles at the camera. The background is a brick wall and red flowers.

Dara Baldwin is the Director of National Policy for the Center for Disability Rights, a non-profit community based advocacy and service organization for people with all kinds of disabilities. She has led national and international advocacy efforts, including work on the Violence Against Women Act in 2013, and is the Campaign Manager for the passage of the Disability Integration Act.

Dara serves on the Board of Directors for the National Low Income Housing coalition, and serves as an expert advisor on multiple policy issues such as the African American Policy Forum, Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, Smart Growth America, Interrupting Criminalization, and more. 

We are looking forward to learning from Dara's perspective on housing, transportation, mobility justice, and racial equity.

Join us virtually this September!

The Washington Bike, Walk, and Roll Summit will be held virtually September 27 - October 1, 2021. This year we are centering conversations of intersectionality; connecting issues of climate, public health, race, transportation, and more to discuss how we build and rebuild equitable, sustainable, and healthy places as we continue to experience the impacts of COVID-19.

This year’s theme represents our intent for this event and our conversations to center equity - including racial, gender, mobility, and geographic equity. We strive to create active and continuing conversations to build strong communities and equitable spaces around the state and beyond. The Summit is a place for caring community members, implementers and decision makers who are committed to enacting change around Washington in communities to make biking, walking and rolling safer, more equitable, and more accessible. Summit attendees will leave the event with an understanding of and inspiration for how to create and invest in equitable, accessible, and sustainable communities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The summit's theme is also based on the foundational understanding that these intersections have existed in the transportation community for years, led by grassroots community members, BIPOC organizers and engineers, and hardworking allies, and must be the center of our work going forward. 

Our Request for Proposals is now closed. If you have any questions please email Tamar Shuhendler at tamars@cascade.org. 

Registration is required to access details on how to join us virtually. 


Summit focus and naming change:

Since 2020, the Washington Bike Summit is now the Washington Bike, Walk, and Roll Summit. We’ve renamed the summit to reflect a big goal: to create a space where advocates and professionals discuss and advance the often overlapping but sometimes distinct and different needs of people who bike, walk and roll.

We believe this change is crucial in building a just transportation system, and inclusive advocacy movement across the state. We want to harness the intersectional planning, advocacy, and education for all types of active users to realize a transportation system that works for all – regardless of how we get around.

Becoming the Washington Bike, Walk, Roll Summit marks an evolution and a goal, and one we might not achieve in year one. The summit will serve as part of an ongoing process of integrating conversations surrounding biking, walking, and rolling. In making this change, we recognize that this summit will not be perfect, and this serves as the first step in a long journey to true intersectional and shared space.

We are pleased to have made the following changes in 2020, which will carry forward into 2021:

  • Free registration and sliding scale donation
  • Recordings of all presentations
  • Online presentations during the summit
  • Participation from over 600 advocates, professionals, and community members around Washington state and beyond

Event Fees & Scholarships

Registration fees are available on a sliding scale for 2021.


For more information on sponsoring the Summit, please contact: Connie Stark, Director of Development and Partnerships, Office: (206) 620-1255, connies@cascade.org

Access to the event

We will be hosting our panels, keynote addresses, and networking opportunities virtually, and links to these sessions will be shared following registration.

Thank you to our Sponsors

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