MUMPS "Nice Day" Clockwise Lake Loop (Vigorous)


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Date and Time: 
Monday, October 14, 2019 - 10:00am
Start Location: 
Tracy Owen Station/Log Boom Park, Kenmore
6000 NE 175th St
Kenmore, WA 98028
Contact Information: 
Roger Garratt
47.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
2,210 feet
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 


Please join us on this variation on the clockwise Lake Washington Loop that has become one of our favorites.

Route: We’ll warm up on Juanita Hill then coast down to Marina Park in Kirkland for a quick restroom break. After riding down and around the southern tip of Lk. WA, we'll head up to Raconteur Coffee at Third Place Books (Seward Park) for a quick stop before zipping through the Washington Park Arboretum. This "Nice Day" lake loop variation routes us on surface streets through Bryant and Wedgwood, bypassing a stretch of the Burke Gilman Trail, to add some variety (and a little extra climbing).

On the off chance that it's NOT such a "nice day" (i.e. rain), we might choose to take a rain route instead ("Rain Route" RWGPS below), avoiding cars on wet roads by making greater use of the Burke Gilman Trail on the way back to the start.

Starting time and location: Ride starts at 10:00 am at Log Boom Park in Kenmore, where there are restrooms & water.

Parking: Please do not park in the Log Boom parking lot; use the on-street parking on NE 175thSt. just east of the park.

Pace: The MUMPS series offers multiple paces.  Riders are welcome change pace groups during the ride. We'll observe the speed limit on multi-use trails.

Navigation: The planned route/cue sheet is at the link below. The goal is to stay together via regrouping as necessary, but we won’t be able to wait long for anyone substantially off the pace.  Please bring navigation aids in case you need to finish on your own, as the ride becomes self-led for those ahead of or behind the group. 

Restrooms:  mi 8.4 Marina Park, 21.2 Coulon Park, 29.6 (coffee stop 3rd Place Books), mi 42 (optional stop) Matthews Beach Park

Food: Quick (25 min. +/-) stop at Raconteur Coffee/Third Place Books mi. 29.6

Cancellation: Forecast for rain or unsafe riding conditions will be cause for cancellation, in which case the ride leader will not be at the start and the cancellation will be posted in comments below, at least 2 hours before the start.

IMPORTANT: Each ride leader will make their own weather cancellation decisions independently, so one pace group may cancel while another rides, and one group may take a shortcut, while another may not. This could change your options for moving between pace groups.

Fenders: Please be considerate of other riders' comfort and safety by using full fenders with long mud flaps if rain is expected or the roads are wet. You may still ride with us without them, but if you are spraying other riders you will need to drop to the back of the group. 

Repairs: Be prepared with the equipment and know-how to take care of your own flats and mechanicals, and a plan for getting back to the start if your bike won't take you there (ORCA card or someone to call). If you have a problem the group will stop briefly to make sure you will be OK on your own, but we will not wait for repairs to be completed.

Safety talk and on time-departure:  Please be at the start and ready to ride at least 15 minutes prior to ride start time, to participate in the pre-ride briefing and safety talk. Ride rolls out at 10:00.

Pre-registration: Please register at least two hours in advance by clicking the red "Register Now" button at the top of this page, to save time at the start (and enable the leader to email you in case of changes/cancellation). You'll need to open a "basic" Cascade Bicycle Club account (at no charge) to pre-register. You don't need to un-register if you can't make it to the ride. If you are unable to pre-register in time, you can sign up at the start.

Hope you can join us!


Submitted by David Gregg on

The goal: keep MUMPS fun during the rainy season, by keeping road spray to a minimum.

Last week we looked at why the tangential path of road spray off of a tire requires a fender/flap that's very close to the ground, in order to protect riders behind you. MUMPS will be adopting the 2" flap-to-ground spec endorsed by other Cascade rainy-season ride series.

One option for long, durable flaps uses Planet Bike flaps ($7/pr shipped) with household plastic attached (ask). We'll bring samples of these flaps again this week for test fitting.

Other options include the excellent reflective flaps from local outfit (not long enough for some applications, measure first!)

A number of MUMPS riders are going with full length fenders, an excellent choice if you have clearance.

And dedicated rain bikes are really a great idea for the PNW; clearance for big tires and full length fenders, and preferably mounting eyelets for their supports. It will prevent wet weather wear and tear on your summer bike.

We'll take a few minutes to discuss this stuff before the ride. We'd like to hear about bike shops that have done a good job of long fender/flap installation for you, and home-brew DIY tips as well!

Tracy Owen Station/Log Boom Park, Kenmore
6000 NE 175th St
Kenmore, WA 98028
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