MORE Hills & More Parks (Moderate)


  • Ride capacity will be strictly limited.
  • This means that prior registration is now REQUIRED.
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Date and Time: 
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 6:00pm
Start Location: 
Lower Woodland Park (near bathroom)
5100 Green Lake Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
Contact Information: 
Josh Wittlieff
19.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 
1,524 feet
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 

Why ride indoors? Skip spin class and join us for a Midweek Outdoor Riding in the Evening (MORE) Hills! MORE Hills typically occur Wednesday evenings from March to August at Steady and Moderate paces when Ride Leaders are available. Rides will be about 20 miles with a handful of steep or "pitchy" hills thrown in. It is a perfect way to add a little training for otherwise weekend riders without spending too much time.

Plan to arrive by 5:45pm in time to hear the route and safety briefing, and so we can roll out promptly at 6:00pm.  Bring lights in case we have any delays.

This week features connecting the dots between several small and large parks around NW Seattle, with a nice mix of short and more sustained climbs.

We will regroup at top of major hills for a reasonable time, but if you are too fast/slow for the majority, it will become self-paced. Stops will be brief. We want everyone to ride hard but to have fun and get back safely.

Please bring your own cue sheet. Please pack water, snack, and tools/tubes to fix a flat as always. Even though the majority of ride will be in daylight, please have your lights (both front and back) just in case of unforeseen holdups. There is no scheduled stop en route, but we can stop to refill bottles as necessary. Carrying an ORCA card and/or a phone in case of un-fixable mechanical is recommended.

Weather notice: In case of inclement weather, the ride leader will post a cancellation notice in the comments section below by 4:00pm day of the ride, and Ride Leaders will not be at the ride start.

Everyone is welcome, including those who aren't so sure about hill climbing.  BUT PLEASE BRING A SMILE AND GOOD ATTITUDE WITH YOU!  Yes, it's hilly.  Yes, it's hard!  But, seeing the view from the top is always rewarding :-).  


Pre-rode the route today, it is a fun one! Plenty of climbing and nice views!

However, please note the Steady pace will be doing last week's lighthouse route that was cancelled for rain, so there will not be a fallback pace to join this week if you are unable to maintain the moderate pace; please ensure you have the route loaded on a phone/gps device, or the cue sheet printed, in order to finish on your own if needed (we can also recommend short-cuts back). We will still re-group after climbs like usual, but just want those without previous moderate (or faster) pace experience to be prepared if it ends up being too much.

Lower Woodland Park (near bathroom)
5100 Green Lake Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
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