Warming Up for St Patrick's Day

If you are new, please read our newcomer information.

Date and Time: 
Saturday, March 16, 2019 - 10:00am
Start Location: 
Old Renton City Hall
200 Mill Avenue South
Renton, WA 98057
Contact Information: 
Marizel S Miller
25.00 miles
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 

Would you like to enjoy a pleasant ride (in case you have plans for St. Patrick's Day)? If you are interested, then this is the ride for you. Please join me as we ride the Cedar River Trail to Maple Valley; you can wear green in honor of the day, and it is not required. There will be a gentle hill on Witte Rd SE as we exit the trail (we'll go at our own pace on this hill, then re-group at the top of the hill before proceeding). When we arrive at Maple Valley, we'll make a food/coffee stop at Starbucks. After our food/coffee stop, we'll re-trace our path back to Renton. This will be a stay-together ride, and we'll make sure that no one is left behind. Please arrive early enough to ready your bike and sign the ride waiver. The pace of this ride is based on having no wind. If we have a headwind, the pace will be slower, if we have a tailwind, the pace may be faster. Keep this in mind when deciding to do this ride.

Riders should bring a spare tube, tools and the know-how to fix a flat. Please arrive at the start location by 9:40 am for the safety briefing so we can roll out promptly at 10:00 am. Restrooms are located approximately ¼ mile northeast of the start (turn left onto Houser Way from the south end of the parking lot, and use the sidewalk to go to the restrooms due to heavy car volume; in case the restrooms are closed, we'll make a quick restroom stop at the Renton Community Center).

The ride leader will not be at the ride start should inclement weather meets the definition for cancellation (showers, ice/snow, steady rain).  In addition, high temperature below 40 deg F and air stagnation/quality will cancel the ride. Ride cancellation will be announced in the Comments Section below at least two (2) hours prior to the ride start. If you have questions about the weather please call 818-590-8167, preferably before you leave for the ride.

Old Renton City Hall
200 Mill Avenue South
Renton, WA 98057