R2B2 Features 60 Miles of Trail Riding, Waterfront Views, and a Bellingham Beer Garden

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Paul Tolmé

  • Register for the Ride from Redmond to Bellingham and Back by Sunday, Aug. 15
  • A fully supported double-century for riders missing STP.

Considered one of Washington’s best long-distance bike trails, the 30-mile-long Snohomish County Centennial Trail passes through farmlands and forested countryside as it winds north to south between the cities of Snohomish and Arlington.

The trail will be one of the highlights of Cascade’s newest event, dubbed R2B2, on Aug. 21 and 22. Officially named the Ride from Redmond to Bellingham and Back, this double-century event will test the endurance of participants by covering more than 100 miles each day.


“R2B2 is a fully supported double century similar in length to STP but covering a northern route that many consider to be more beautiful,” says Cascade’s Rides and Community Engagement Director David Douglas. “It’s a great opportunity for riders who miss STP and RSVP to test their endurance and enjoy the camaraderie of a Cascade big ride.”

Registration for R2B2 closes on Sunday, Aug. 15, so sign up now. Approximately 400 individuals had registered as of Wednesday, which means there will be minimal crowding and a more intimate riding atmosphere--as well as short lines at food stops. 

Starting at Marymoor Park in Redmond on Saturday, Aug. 21, participants will pedal northward on country roads until hitting the 10-foot-wide Snohomish County Centennial Trail. Participants will also ride the Centennial trail during the return trip, which means that 60 of the approximately 200 miles will be off-road. 


Day 1

“The Centennial Trail gives riders the chance to relax and not be concerned about cars for a long stretch, which means they can take in the views,” Douglas says.

Upon reaching Bellingham, an outdoorsy and vibrant college town, participants will enjoy a free beer in a beer garden hosted by Kulshan Brewing. 

On Sunday, Aug. 22, riders will pedal south onto one of the event’s most scenic stretches, Chuckanut Drive, which hugs the coast just outside of Bellingham. This designated scenic byway offers views of Samish Bay, the San Juan Islands, and the Chuckanut Mountains.

“Chuckanut Drive is right on the water, with pretty scenery and ocean breezes,” Douglas says. “Riders who have previously ridden along Chuckanut while heading northward on the RSVP say heading southward is even more beautiful because you are on the water side of the road.”

Click here to see the route maps and ride details, and then register for R2B2, Cascade’s longest major group ride since the onset of the pandemic. See you in Bellingham! 



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