Cascade & Washington Bikes: Black Lives Matter

Sara Kiesler

Sara Kiesler


Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes join the call to end violence and injustice against Black people and communities of color. We believe that Black Lives Matter, on and off the bike.

Our 50 year history of silence in response to racist violence and police brutality has harmed our community and we will no longer be passive bystanders. We acknowledge the lack of national progress to dismantle structural racism and we commit to doing our part.

To achieve our vision of bicycling for all, we need to ensure Black Americans have the right to safety in public space and life free from injustice. We are striving to realign our work with racial equity outcomes, and are committed to educating ourselves and being held accountable by our community.



As we seek to grapple with the violence and injustice impacting communities of color on and off the bike, particularly Black people in America, we wanted to offer resources for the Cascade community to learn, grow, give back, and support our neighbors. 



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