Cascade Members, meet your Board of Director candidate!

E-ballots will be delivered to active Cascade members December 6, 2019 and must be submitted by December 20, 2019.

Sara Kiesler

Sara Kiesler


The Cascade Board of Directors represents the voice of its members and is responsible to the membership. Their role is to ensure that Cascade’s resources are being used to the greatest benefit for all members, as well as the larger community.

For 2020 we have one board seat up for election. Over the past months, we’ve received great nominations. After review, the search committee is happy to present the following candidate to the Cascade Board of Directors. 

If elected, the new board member will serve a three-year term beginning in 2020.

The candidate is:

  • Nick Zylkowski, Prospective Director Candidate

Bio below

Nick ZylKowski, Prospective director candidate

Nick Zylowski in a bike helmet

Nick is a Senior Portfolio Manager for Russell Investments. He holds a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Pacific Lutheran University. Nick is a current non-board member of the Cascade Finance Committee. He has a strong background in finance and analytical perspective and will continue to bring this expertise to Cascade and the Finance Committee.

Nick has been an active cycling enthusiast for over a decade and has participated in numerous Cascade events including the STP, Chilly Hilly and Emerald City Ride. Twelve years ago, he was introduced to cycling on a dare from a friend: ride the STP in one day. The problem was he had never really ridden a bike further than 10 miles and had three months to train. That summer opened his eyes to a love of cycling, which has provided countless enjoyable, and at times painful, hours of his life since. Cycling has brought him some of his closest personal relationships, taken him on adventures around the world, and enriched his life in ways that are hard to express. He will be forever grateful that STP and Cascade were there to open that door 12 years ago, and Nick appreciates the opportunity to contribute to an organization which he knows has a profound impact on every community member it serves.


To vote 

Electronic voting will be available to all Cascade members on December 6, 2019 via email. Keep your eyes out for an email from Cascade Bicycle Club with your personalized voting link, and review your account to keep your email address up to date. Please contact Cascade if your membership is active and you did not receive your personal e-ballot.

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