Welcome to Pedal Washington

I came on board as Senior Director of Communications & Marketing for Cascade Bicycle Club right when the organization merged with Washington Bikes a year ago. It marked a new beginning, not just for me in a new job, but for both Cascade and Washington Bikes, too. With the merger of the two organizations complete, Cascade officially transformed overnight from a regional organization to the largest statewide bicycle nonprofit in the nation.

But the work to truly become a statewide organization doesn’t happen overnight. Starting with our mission to improve lives through bicycling, we created a new 5-year strategic plan that guides us toward the growth of bicycling in bold new ways. The new plan, coupled with our strength in numbers, will provide the foundation for taking the next critical steps. Together, we’ll increase the diversity and size of statewide ridership; promote bicycle-friendly policies and investments; and position ourselves as the go-to bicycling resource hub for the entire state of Washington.

In the New Year, we’re starting fresh right here, and we’re inviting you on this evolving journey with us. The transformation from our monthly Courier newspaper to the quarterly Pedal Washington magazine is one small step in the overall strategic plan, moving us toward our goal of providing engaging and collaborative content and visuals that celebrate bicycling across Washington state. 

Our inaugural issue is unique in that we’re opening up the year with a 2017 Guide to Cascade, but as you’ll see in the upcoming April issue and beyond, our plan is to celebrate our vision of bicycling for all by providing thoughtful and fun pieces about bicycling life in Washington. We look forward to sharing these stories with you, and we hope you enjoy Pedal Washington!

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