Sound Transit Board of Directors approves updated ST3 plan for November ballot


On Thursday, June 23, the Sound Transit Board voted unanimously to invest in making it easier to bike and walk to transit across the Puget Sound region. This vote was part of the larger Sound Transit 3 package unanimously approved yesterday that will invest $54 billion to expand fast and reliable transit — whether you live in Everett, Tacoma, Issaquah or Kenmore. Cascade worked with a diverse array of stakeholders and elected officials to ensure that residents across the region will have safe and healthy options to get to Sound Transit stations by biking and walking.

The measure that will go on the ballot invests in better biking and walking access at every station, as well as a fund that leverages opportunities with cities and towns that build safe biking and walking routes to transit. All told this investment amounts to approximately $370 million dollars to create safe, direct walking and bicycling routes to transit from surround neighborhoods, businesses and gathering places.

“ST3 makes a high priority of providing safe and convenient ways for people to bike and walk to transit, including unprecedented investments in pedestrian and bicycle facilities throughout the 116-mile light rail system and regional bus facilities that will exist after the program is built out,” said Board Member & King County Councilmember Claudia Balducci of Bellevue.

In addition, Sound Transit will manage parking more effectively and revenues will be reinvested to further improve biking and walking safety and connectivity so that transit works better. These represent big progress for those wanting to get around easier by combining bike and bus or train trips.

"With our updated system access language approved by the board yesterday, we have an unprecedented opportunity to expand Transit and to prioritize safer ways for all modes to access reliable transit, whether by bike, foot, or car,” said Seattle City Councilmember Rob Johnson. “With dedicated funding for each project and every station for equitable and safe access we can ensure that as our transit network grows we're incentivizing more environmentally friendly and healthier options for riders to get to and from stations and stops."

Cascade Bicycle Club would like to thank Councilmember Balducci for sponsoring the amendment that integrates and recognizes biking and walking as cost-effective and important components of a regional transit system. Also, thanks to Redmond Mayor John Marchione for making a significant improvement to how Sound Transit will manage parking across the Sound Transit system. Finally, thanks to Seattle Councilmember Rob Johnson who also worked to ensure healthy and safe options are available moving forward.

Cascade Bicycle Club looks forward to working closely with Sound Transit staff and board to implement access improvements system wide.

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