Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes merge to form nation’s largest statewide bicycle nonprofit



Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes merge to form nation’s largest statewide bicycle nonprofit
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SEATTLE, Wash. December 8, 2015 — The boards of directors of the Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes approved the merger of the two organizations which will, in effect, become the nation’s largest statewide bicycle nonprofit. The Washington Bikes and Cascade Bicycle Club boards approved the merger plan earlier today.

“We received feedback from each of our organization’s constituents and the majority was overwhelmingly supportive and excited about what opportunities and resources the merger will create,” said Catherine Hennings, board president of the Cascade Bicycle Club.

At the decision of both organization’s boards, as of Jan. 1, 2016, Cascade Bicycle Club will be the name of the 501(c)(3) tax-deductible wing, focused on education, diversity and inclusion programs, most of the signature events and advocacy work. The organization’s 501(c)(4) arm, to be called Washington Bikes, will address statewide policy and outreach, selected statewide events and activities, and candidate endorsements.

“This merger will enhance both organizations and increase the reach and effectiveness of bike advocacy and education in a state that is already #1 in the U.S. for bicycling,” said Brian Foley, board chair of Washington Bikes.

The merger will unify bicycle education curriculum and resources across the state and in the Puget Sound region. Advocacy work will also be strengthened. The merger will result in saved overhead costs and more money directly funding current work and new programs, like Cascade's Major Taylor Project and Washington Bikes' state bike tourism initiative. Washington Bikes' grassroots successes across the state will also be a great partner for Cascade's statewide tours, events and rides.

“The merger will result in more reach, effectiveness and efficiency than either organization alone, and we’ll work with all the advocacy groups and clubs in the state,” said Barb Chamberlain, executive director of Washington Bikes.

A joint board committee developed short-term transition plans and conducted due diligence to fully understand what the merger entails and how the organizational missions will continue to ensure an effective strategic merger plan is in place.

"From bicycle advocacy in Seattle and statewide, to partnerships that support local bike clubs and groups, to continuing the growth of bike tourism, this merger is a big win for people who strive to make bicycling accessible to everyone and to improve lives through bicycling," said Cascade Executive Director Elizabeth Kiker.


About Cascade Bicycle Club

Cascade Bicycle Club, the nation’s largest locally based bicycle organization, is 15,000 members and 36 staff strong and serves bike riders of all ages and abilities throughout the Puget Sound region. Learn more at

About Washington Bikes

Washington Bikes advocates for bicyclists and a more bike-friendly Washington. We work for better laws and more funding to grow bicycling statewide. Learn more at

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