Cascade Members, meet your Board of Director candidates!

The Cascade Board of Directors represents the voice of its members and is responsible to the membership. Its role is to ensure that Cascade’s resources are being used to the greatest benefit for all members as well as the larger community.

For 2015 we have five board seats up for election. Over the past months we’ve received great nominations, and after review, the search committee is happy to present a five-member slate of candidates to the Club’s Board of Directors. 

Two of these candidates are incumbents. If elected, the new or re-elected board members will serve a three-year term beginning in 2016.


Incumbent, Board Member since 2015


My main interest in serving on the Board aligns well with Cascade’s mission statement: “improving lives through bicycling.” As a researcher in cancer prevention, I am very aware of the importance of physical activity to one’s health and well-being. 

I began cycling about four years ago when I developed severe plantar fasciitis from running, and it was recommended that I “pick another sport.” I bought a bike and, after riding on the trail a few times, joined a Cascade Free Group Ride. The warmth and encouragement of the Cascade community was overwhelming. Thus, while I began cycling for health and fitness, I have remained because of the community and social aspects. Wanting to give back to the cycling community, I have become deeply involved in the Club’s activities. In addition to participating on the Board this year, I ride all of the major events, am an active ride leader, and am a member of the Cascade Training Series steering committee. 

I have a vested interest in improving our Rides Program and extending our reach. Almost anyone can ride a bike and reap the rewards of improved health and positive impact on our environment. But in order to make cycling accessible, riders need to have a safe environment in which to ride; education and advocacy go hand in hand with getting more people on bikes. Cascade Bicycle Club is uniquely positioned and has the resources to make a real difference in our region. My background in research and communication, business management, critical analysis and promotion of physical activity lends itself well to serve on the Cascade Board. Let me help make Washington state a better place to bike.

​Kevin McDonald


I have been a bicycle rider all of my life. I grew up in Puyallup riding bikes around town and pedaling the back roads to Mt. Rainier. While I do a lot of independent riding (to sunrise at Mt. Rainier, for example, or through the wine country of Spain) with some encouragement, I have embraced large group rides, mostly with the Cascade Bicycle Club. Now I anxiously await the posting of dates for the major rides and the opening of member registration. I am hooked on Cascade rides because they are well organized, well supported and fun!

In my day job, I am a senior transportation planner for the city of Bellevue. My role is largely at the policy level, and I also manage city funds to build small projects that make a big difference for pedestrian and bicycle mobility. I commute by bicycle — or bus when it’s pouring — between Capitol Hill and Downtown Bellevue across I-90.

There are many opportunities to improve bicycling in Bellevue, and I know we are making progress. The constructive and consistent support of the Cascade Bicycle Club staff and members will help turn long-term goals into facilities for people who ride bicycles in Bellevue. Cascade provides a positive and proactive voice with collaborative, sustainable and effective leadership and advocacy that makes a difference in the communities where we live, work and ride.

Riding a bicycle and working in transportation provide a good background for my work on the Cascade Board. I have experience as an effective member of other volunteer organizations, having recently served eight years on the Seattle Planning Commission and two years before that on the Capitol Hill Stewardship Council. As a Cascade Board member I will help advance the strategic plan and support the executive director and staff to advance the mission of the Club to improve lives through bicycling.

I appreciate that the Cascade Board has advanced my name to a vote of the membership, and I would appreciate the support of my fellow members.

​Bill Montero


These are exciting times to be a member of the Cascade Bicycle Club! From the new Bicycling Center, programs for youth, expanded ride series and support of the Move Seattle levy, Cascade has become a relevant advocate of cycling in the community. As a candidate for the Board of Directors, I would like to participate in executing their vision and strategic plan.

Living in Shoreline and working in Bellevue, I have found that our network of trails and cycling infrastructure still has a long way to go. I’ve participated in local trail subcommittees and the Shoreline Planning Commission with special emphasis on urban multimodal transportation planning. We live in an area where traditional transportation simply has no room for expansion, yet the population continues to swell. We have an opportunity to make this area a national model by expanding our relationships with the cities and public agencies to promote cycling as not only recreation, but a comfortable and safe method of transportation.

The rabid attitude of car versus bike in our community needs to change. I would like to add my business experience, communication skills, perspectives and excitement about cycling in the Northwest to the board.

Tamara Schmautz


I am honored to be considered for the Board of Directors of the Cascade Bicycle Club. After tearing my ACL in 2010, I needed a low impact activity for rehab, started pedaling and found I have a real affinity for cycling. I bought my first road bike in 2011 (and now own three!) and have pedaled thousands of miles in the past five years. I have been on Cascade organized rides including Chilly Hilly, RSVP and Ride Around Washington (RAW) and appreciate the tremendous organization and volunteer spirit within Cascade.

I commute daily from West Seattle to South Lake Union and experience the challenges of what it means to “share the road.” To increase ridership within the community we need to have an environment that is comfortable and safe for everyone, particularly new riders.

I have a special interest in promoting greater diversity within Cascade and the riding community at large. A few years ago I read about the Major Taylor Project, thought it sounded like a great program and started volunteering at Chief Sealth High School. The skills and habits learned by students in ride club are translated to their lives and go much further than cycling. My MTP volunteer experience has been one of the highlights of my association with Cascade and exemplifies the Club’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

I am committed to serving on the board and ask for your vote so that I might help the Club achieve these goals and fulfill the mission of “improving lives through bicycling.”

Haley Woods 

Incumbent, Board Member since 2015


I love all the work Cascade Bicycle Club does to impact various needs in the bicycling community, from teaching students to ride safely, to advocating for safer streets, to providing amazing ride events, to building a fun and welcoming culture of diverse cyclists. As a board member of Cascade, I look forward to supporting and helping grow the culture of cycling in Seattle, Washington state and beyond.

I have enjoyed participating in many of Cascade’s major rides including STP, Night Ride and Chilly Hilly.  After going through Cascade’s Advocacy Leadership Institute, I was fired up to work toward change in my Ballard neighborhood and have been actively involved with Connect Ballard.  Some people have even started referring to me as the “Ballard Bridge Girl” because of my work creating videos about current conditions and suggested improvements to the Ballard Bridge and work to get funding for these improvements. 

Pushing for safer streets and creating a strong community of cyclists is not only important to me—it is also part of the mission of my business, Peddler Brewing Company. I continually seek ways for Peddler to support the bicycle community, including opening our space for Connect Ballard and other transportation-related meetings, donating beer to fundraising events and planning and hosting this year’s End of Bike Month Party.

Why do I ride my bike? I ride to run errands, I ride for exercise, I ride to socialize with friends, I ride to race triathlons and I ride for fun! Cascade works toward making all of these reasons to ride easier, safer and more enjoyable, and I look forward to supporting Cascade’s work by serving on the board.  

To vote 

Electronic voting will be available to all Cascade members in December. Please join the Board in voting your support for proposed bylaws changes and new Directors. As in years past, voting will be available online, so keep your eyes out for an email from Cascade Bicycle Club with your personalized voting link.  

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