Cascade Bicycle Club's statement on Westlake Protected Bike Lane


Cascade was disappointed to learn after months of meetings by the Design Advisory Committee (DAC) for the Westlake Protected Bike Lane, Nautical Landings has filed a lawsuit to block the project. The judge has set the trial date for June of 2016, delaying the project by at least a year.

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and the Mayor’s office worked hard to bring stakeholders together to work through the 1.2 mile corridor block by block. This group focused on improving safety for all who bike, walk and drive in and through the corridor while minimizing impacts to the water-dependent businesses.

SDOT worked methodically to evaluate individual segments in the corridor to minimize loss of parking. Steps were taken to increase parking access for customers and ensure businesses could continue to thrive in the corridor. On average, 90 percent of the parking will be retained in the final design.

Nautical Landings' lawsuit brings delay to this much-needed project. With over a million trips across the Fremont Bridge in 2014, people who bike want a safe, flat route into and out of downtown. Whether it’s someone biking to work or a parent and child riding bikes, they will continue to face the danger and chaos of the Westlake parking lot until the protected bike lane is built.

Nautical Landings’ lawsuit puts grant funding for this project at risk, delays the hard work of the DAC at achieving compromise and delays necessary safety improvements for the thousands of people who want to safely bike downtown.

We are committed to the completion of the Westlake Protected Bike Lane as soon as possible for the safety of all involved.

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