Bicycling improves lives


Here at Cascade, we believe in the power of the bicycle. The bike can empower and liberate its rider, it can bring people together, open doors and share stories. 

That power was evident at yesterday's Group Health Bike Everywhere Breakfast, where almost 900 of us were brought together by the bicycle.  We laughed and cried as stories were shared; we cheered at a young person's ride to academic success; we vowed to bring about change and save lives; we thanked Seattle Mayor Ed Murray for his work; we ate a delicous breakfast; and together, we raised $194,576! Thank you for helping us improve lives through bicycling.

We truly believe that bicycling improves lives. To illustrate this, we worked with StraightEIGHT Films to let three community members share their bicycling stories:

Professor Kalpana is learning to ride at age 47

High school student Diana is going further through bicycling

Business owner Haley is building community through bicycling 

You too can improve lives through bicycling. Share your bicycling story in your community, take a friend out for a bike ride or ask people to support Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation.

Thank you for all you do.


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