A new beginning

Photo credit: Wenmei-Hill Photography

Photo credit: Wenmei-Hill Photography

My family and I bought a new house and moved in last month. A friend came over to help us hang all of our family pictures that we never unpacked in our rental. That night, sitting in the living room, watching the light play on the walls and glancing at our family pictures and treasured belongings, I felt so at home in Seattle, and so content.

That same dynamic, on a much larger scale, is how I want each and every person that rides a bike—for fun, for fitness, for transportation—to feel in the new Cascade Bicycling Center. This space, which will be created in two phases, is designed to be a destination for people on a long ride; to be a think tank for people to envision new and better bicycling infrastructure; and to be a welcome spot for anyone to stop by and ask questions, find a riding friend or volunteer to make the Puget Sound Region better for all people on bikes.

I am personally inviting you to join us Saturday, Nov. 15 at 10 a.m. for the grand opening of the Cascade Bicycling Center. We won't have our pictures hung just yet, but the painted, designed and beautiful space will be there for you to see, explore and start to make your very own.

Working with the team who designed and built this space for Cascade has renewed my love of bicycling. ZGF, Hoffman Construction and FIX Works have led a team of contractors, sign makers and even a seamstress to construct a beautiful, welcoming space. They worked for free; they went above and beyond; and they stayed with the project for two years—all because each of them has had their life improved by riding a bike, and the work we have done at the Cascade Bicycle Club.

We are going to continue this inspiring work, improving lives through bicycling, and this new space is going to allow all of us the room to gather and create even more energy around bicycling for all. Please join us.

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