GGLO earns Gold BizCycle Certification


Congratulations are in order! GGLO recently earned a Gold-Level BizCycle certification at their bike-friendly workplace in downtown Seattle. 

This integrated design firm joins the ranks of over two dozen certified businesses in the Puget Sound region who understand the value of encouraging and accommodating employees who commute by bike. After all, biking makes business sense. Employees who bike to work are happier, healthier and more productive workers. Employers also save money on parking spots and health care costs. 

We certainly don’t need to convince GGLO of these benefits. The firm serves as a prime example of how and why promoting bikes at the workplace is just as important as promoting and accommodating any other mode of transportation.     


It comes as no surprise that this innovative and sustainably-focused architecture, design and planning firm is now BizCycle’s second highest scoring workplace. GGLO received 39 out of 50 possible credits. The firm is a leader with its bike-friendly planning, infrastructure, leadership, programming and performance data.    
According to GGLO Associate John Baldauf, applying for bike-friendly business certification was practically a no-brainer.  

“BizCycle certification aligns with GGLO’s Environmental Action Plan (EAP),” said Baldauf. “In accordance with our core values, GGLO developed an EAP in 2007 to guide the progress toward reducing the environmental impact of our business operations. The EAP addresses key areas of impact including transportation.” 

Before achieving gold-level status, GGLO not only integrated their bicycle plan into their EAP, but took proactive measures to install additional bicycle infrastructure, incorporate “Bicycle Benefits” memberships into an existing awards program and prioritize future bike infrastructure projects. 

Applying for certification helped GGLO think about planning for office growth and higher bike commute mode splits in the years ahead. The application process also reminded Baldauf of GGLO’s longstanding commitment to bicycle advocacy and their visible bicycle design work in the community. The firm received innovation credit for their ability and willingness to provide meeting space for other businesses to host bicycling-related events. 


Encouraging employees to commute by bike has been a great way for GGLO to promote employee and community wellness. We asked Baldauf what motivates employees at GGLO to bike to work. 

“Bicycling is an enjoyable means of transportation that is flexible and tailored to one’s individual schedule,” he explained. 

For employees at GGLO, biking to work is convenient because the firm accommodates bicyclists with secure indoor bike parking, showers and locker rooms, incentives and a welcoming and supportive environment that fosters workplace wellness, productivity and community. 
We look forward to seeing how GGLO continues to expand their bicycle commuting programs, infrastructure, messaging and leadership as more and more of their employees start riding to work in the near future. 

We would once again like to thank GGLO and all of our other certified workplaces for their commitment to providing environments that truly support bicycling.    

If your business is interested in getting involved in the bicycling community, consider participating in Bike Month this May. Check out our list of events here.  


Interested in learning more about bike-friendly practices? Would your business like to join a community of bike-friendly workplaces? E-mail for more information. 

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