Tell the Climate Workgroup to Take Action Now


Governor Jay Inslee needs your help.

We all want a better world for our children, and that means addressing both climate change and creating bike-friendly communities.

Washington State is particularly vulnerable to a warming climate, especially our snow-fed water supply that provides our drinking water, irrigation for agriculture, and nearly three-fourths of the electrical power we produce.

Governor Inslee understands the risks of climate change and knows that real solutions require improving our transportation system so more people can walk, bike, and ride transit to where they need to go. But he’s having a hard time convincing key legislators.

Will you stand with Governor Inslee in asking the members of the Climate Workgroup to issue a plan to address global warming pollution?

Governor Inslee knows that addressing climate change and improving our communities go hand-in-hand. When more people walk, bike, and ride transit, less pollution fills the atmosphere.

The bipartisan Climate Workgroup, composed of two state senators and two state representatives, was created earlier this year and tasked with finding real solutions to address global warming by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, half of the Climate Workgroup is dragging their feet about climate change, sticking to the same old tactic of delay, delay, delay.

Let’s have Jay Inslee’s back.

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