Spreading the word about Cascade


Cascade Bicycle Club offers more than 1,500 free daily rides a year on top of its planning-intensive  riding and community events, youth programming, advocacy and bike classes.  Yet, despite the fact that it’s the largest bicycle club in America, there are still many Seattleites who don’t know much about it.  Here’s an easy, enjoyable way YOU can help spread the word.

Join ride leaders Don Martin and Dottie Smith on Tuesday Aug. 13, for a 10 a.m. ride to place Cascade Bicycle Club rides brochures in local businesses.  You’ll cover 30 miles at a leisurely pace, and hit bike friendly stores and restaurants along the way.  There will even be a lunch stop.


Meet just south of the Cascade offices. Check out the listing on the Free Daily Rides Calendar listing for more details.  And thanks for your support - it’s people like you that make this such a great club!

Looking for more riding opportunities? All Cascade free daily rides are published online. Everyone is welcome, but if you’re new, please read through our information for newcomers and parents. 

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