Riding through Sandy; segregated bike lanes lead to fewer cars and collisions;bicycling boosts local economy; and more



* Storm, smorm! Some bicyclists weren’t deterred by Sandy yesterday. Bikes are always ridden by people braving the conditions to survey their surroundings, challenge mother nature, and get work done. Bike Hugger is gathering bike-related photos and videos from Sandy.

* Ottawa city planner finds that the city’s segregated bike lanes have resulted in more cyclists, fewer cars, and fewer collisionsthe Ottawa Citizen reports.  Bike traffic has tripled with the installation of segregated lanes for cyclists, says a report from the city’s urban-planning chief John Moser, while about 100 cars have come off a downtown road at rush hours.

BikePortland’s Jonathan Maus is in New York for the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Designing Cities conference, and shot a series of photographs of everyday New York bicyclists during the evening bicycle rush hour near the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn. “The demographic diversity was similar to what we see in Portland; but the ethnic diversity was much different.”


*A major theme at first-ever NACTO Designing Cities conference is that reclaiming roadway space for people and designing streets for all users does not hurt the bottom line of businesses, BikePortland reports. . In fact, the New York City Department of Transportation released a report showing that the opposite is true. Bicyclists save billions in transportation costs and instead, money stays in local pockets and helps boost local businesses.

The Green Lane Project looks at The Netherlands to cook up a Recipe for a World-Class Bicycling Network.

*Don’t let the spandex-clad iron men scare you off! Yes! Magazine’s Christine Grant has seven reasons why bicycling is for everyone, and why cities are encouraging bicycle commuters.

* Momentum Magazine makes a case for more upright bicycles, raving about their convenient features –like racks, rear-wheel skirt guards, internal gear hubs, chain guards –and overall comfort.

*And need a bike to match your (high-end) style? How about a Gucci bike?


It's back! After a successful first year, the SRAM pART PROJECT returns to New York City. The event showcases the artwork of 95 noted artists, all made from SRAM bicycle components. The items will be auctioned off at a Gala, benefitting World Bicycle Relief.  event.

* Take your bike with you wherever you go! Here are some helpful tips on how to fly with your bike.

* In a modern-day tortoise and the hare story, Bloomberg’s Stephen Engle finds out if a Porsche can cross Beijing faster than a bicycle. Beijing has known problems with traffic congestion and air pollution.

* This cartoon justifies why so many of us have numerous bikes:  http://www.cyclingcartoons.com/


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