Multi-modal commuting across the 520 bridge just got 390 times easier



The 520 bridge is a floating no-go zone for cyclists. Though a number of buses cross the bridge, many cyclists still experience delays during peak hours. If you combine biking and transit you know that few things are more frustrating than missing a bus just because the bike rack is full.

But there is hope! King County Metro Transit has increased its service across the bridge by 130 new bus trips every day!  Since each bus has a three-bike rack that means an additional 390 cyclists can portage their bikes daily across the bridge.

It gets even better. Cyclists can catch a FREE ride on out-of-service or dead-headed buses crossing the bridge. Catch a bus at either the Montlake (eastbound) or Evergreen Point (westbound) station and then get off at the first stop on the other side. The out-of-service buses will say “Terminal,” “Bellevue Base” or “East Base.” You’re most likely to catch an eastbound bus during weekday morning peak hours and a westbound bus during weekday morning and afternoon peak hours.

The additional bus service commenced Oct. 2, in anticipation of spring 2011 tolling. Tolls will help fund a new bridge, which will feature a bike and pedestrian path. With tolls as high as $3.25 for peak trips, driving across the SR-520 Bridge will soon cost you more than time in traffic, so take advantage of the opportunity to bus your bike across the bridge.

Don’t know how to put your bike on the bus?  This video makes it easy:

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