Get ready for your big ride

We hear all the time from people who think they can't ride centuries, who say they're slow and won't ever get faster, who don't have riding partners to up the ante and stick to a training program. All is not lost, my friends. The next evening in the Cascade Presentation Series on Tuesday, March 9 could be just for you.

For the first 30  minutes you will get all the skinny on the Cascade Training Series (CTS). Now in its tenth year, this weekly, multi-paced training series is designed to prepare you physically for STP, RSVP, RAW or your own personal riding goals. CTS is the “Rolls Royce” of training programs and remarkably still 100% free.  The series starts in late March. We’ll take questions and have handouts at the show.

Then at 7:30 p.m. join Coach Craig Undem and other coaches from Cycle University for 60 minutes of informative, entertaining and inspirational programming. This presentation is a must-see presentation  for anyone looking at finding their Clear Path to the next level and riding with confidence on that big ride this season. Topics will include nutrition, proper training techniques, tools to help your mental game and good stories. As an ex-professional racer on dirt and pavement (even racing with Lance) Craig has ridden and coached with “the stars”… but on this night he'll share tips on making YOU a “star” in your 2010 season.

Cascade Presentation Series
Cascade Training Series and Finding Your Clear Path to the Best 2010
With Craig Undem and guests
Tuesday March 9, 7 p.m.
Seattle REI store- Free!
222 Yale Street, Seattle , WA

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