Q:  How do I pay my RAW balance?

A:  Remaining balance is due May 1st. Go to  "Instructions for Purchasing Add-ons".  On step 5 after you click "Buy Add-ons", you should see an option "RAW - Remaining balance".  If you still have difficulty, email info@cascadebicycleclub.org

Q:  What kind of road support is there?

A:  RAW is happy to offer on-the-road support with the help of many great volunteers. We offer three guaranteed water and snack stops each day, including a fully catered lunch menu. In addition, we provide a team of 4-5 roving support vehicles equipped with water, snacks and basic maintenance supplies.

Q:  Can I bring a personal support vehicle?
A:  Sorry, no. With the high level of road support that RAW provides, personal support vehicles are not needed; we recommend they not be used, unless special circumstances prevail and they are pre-approved by Cascade staff. In past years, non-riding loved ones have been allowed to volunteer, providing us with much-needed assistance during the event. This must be set up in advance.

Q:  Can I wear earbuds? 
A:  No, cyclists must turn off and put away any headset or ear bud(s) connected to any electronic devices. If necessary to check, use or answer your phone, cyclists must first pull off the road or trail and stop.

Q:  Can I bring along a pet?
A:  We love them, but sorry…no pets are allowed in camp or on the ride.

Q:  Can I bring along a non-riding partner?
A:  Depending on space and availability we do allow a few non-riding partners to come along and enjoy the event.  There is a fee associated with this to cover food and accommodations.  

Q:  How do RAW costs compare to other large-group multi-day events?
A:  RAW offers a fabulous value for a week of fully supported riding, especially if you compare it to other week-long tours offered by many organizations around the country. Just about everything you need is included in the price of the tour. A further major value and most importantly perhaps is the fact that due to the limited ridership number; you won't have to wait in line for bathrooms, food, or water.

Q:  Do I have to wear a helmet?
A:  Helmets are mandatory on all Cascade Bicycle Club events. We require that you wear a helmet whenever you are on your bike.

Q:  Why is RAW limited to only 250 riders?
A:  RAW riders can enjoy a personal experience shared with like-minded cyclists in a smaller group setting.  You're sure to see familiar faces throughout the week which makes for a great community on the tour. 

Q:  How fast do you normally sell-out this event?
A:  Most years we fill the 250 spaces within 45 days of opening registration. 

Q:  Can I sell or transfer my registration?
A:  Please read the detailed refund and transfer policies before signing up, then visit the club message board to find a seller

Q:  I am not 100% positive I can attend the ride. Should I still try to register in January?
A:  If you are not sure you can attend for any reason but want to be sure of a spot there are a few options:

When signing up in January, pay only the non-refundable deposit.  The remaining balance is due by April 2nd, so you can decide whether to cancel at that time. If you cancel, you will then lose only the non-refundable deposit.

if you have purchased the non-refundable deposit and cannot ride, you can try and sell you spot to someone else.  Please visit the transfer policy page for details.

We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance.  Get the peace of mind you deserve on your trip. Cascade Bicycle Club is proud to partner with Allianz Global Assistance to offer you the [ Classic ] and [ Premier ] travel protection plans. Plans may include benefits for covered trip cancellation/interruption, delays, emergency medical care, baggage and more. To learn more about available plans, please visit our Travel Insurance page. Plans recommended, offered and sold by Allianz Global Assistance. Underwritten by Jefferson Insurance Company or BCS Insurance Company. Terms and exclusions (including for pre-existing conditions) apply. Please see plan details and disclosures for details.

Q:  What happens if I have to cancel my registration after between 3 months and 1 month of the start?
A:  We provide a 50% refund of the registration fees above the $270 non-refundable deposit for the event until a month prior to the event. Additional items like transportation, parking, etc are refunded according to the refund policy. Unfortunately, because we must pay for all meals, lodging and equipment beginning a month before the event, we cannot refund any money a month prior to the start. We strongly advise buying independent trip insurance as a guarantee against losing your registration fees.

Q:  Where do we stay?
A:   RAW camps primarily at public schools, county fair grounds and state parks. For more information, please take a look the "Accommodations" and "Route" sections in the Ride Guide.

Q:  What if we want to stay in a motel one or more nights?
A:  While we feel you'll miss some of the "atmosphere" of the event (and there is no reduction in fees), we understand that camping is not for everyone.  Many times there are a few motel options closeby, but not guaranteed depending on the route.  If you decide to stay in a motel (for one night or several) all we ask is that you check out with us before going out on the course in the morning and that you check in immediately following the end of each day's ride. We cannot provide luggage transport so please bring a small backpack for your gear if you choose this option.

Q:  What about food/meals?
A:  Starting on Day One, RAW will supply you with great meals along with water, snacks, sports drinks and awesome lunches along the route.  We revise the menu each year and make a point of offering healthy and tasty menu choices daily. Tasty vegetarian options are available, but must be requested in advance when registering. We offer some gluten-free choices, but unfortunately, do not offer a vegan option. Refrigeration will be provided if riders with dietary restrictions would like to bring their own food items. 

Q:  What about showers and bathroom facilities?
A:  One of the biggest compliments we receive each year from our riders is on our "Shower Truck"; individual stalls, good water pressure and all the hot water you want with sinks and mirrors out front. 

Q:  Can I volunteer for RAW?
A:  Each year it takes many dedicated volunteers help us produce this event. Please send us an email if you or a friend or spouse would like to help us out during the event. 

Q:  Does Cascade offer any services to help me train?
A: Cascade Bicycle Club offers an extensive Free Daily Rides program that can help you get ready for RAW. You can design your own personal training program by selecting daily rides that fit your schedule and ability.  

Q: I need to make special arrangements to get to and from the start line, can you help with this?
A: Sorry, the only official transport we are able to offer is from Seattle to the start line (and back). If you need to leave early, be dropped off somewhere else, or have any other personal transport issue, please post a message on the event message board. We are not able to assist with any special requests for pre/post ride transport.

Q: Do you have parking available at the UW bus pick up area?
A: Yes, there will be parking available throught the UW lot.  More details to come. 

If you have any additional questions, please email info@cascadebicycleclub.org. No question is too mundane or silly. We are here to help you have the best time possible on the ride.