Long Beach Tour Lite Photo Album: Biking Beautiful Willapa Bay
Biking the Willipa Bay Bridge on the Long Beach Tour Lite
  • 50 people participated in the three-day 2023 Long Beach Tour Lite, part of this year's "Rides Around Washington".
  • See the stunning scenery of Willapa Bay in photos. 

Happy riders posing on Long Beach during the Long Beach Tour Lite

People from around Washington state were treated to beautiful ocean scenery, lunch and dinner gatherings, and three days of biking approximately 50 miles each day during the Long Beach Tour Lite from Aug. 3-5. Photo by rider Bryce Kolton. 

Scenic views along the 101

On Day One, riders took off from Culbertson Park in downtown Long Beach and rode along U.S. 101, following the mighty Columbia River and pedaling along the shores of Willapa Bay. 

The weather was ideal at a comfortable 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sun came out in the afternoons to sparkle on the water as riders crossed the Willapa Bay Bridge toward Naselle (shown in the header photo atop this post). 

A rider prepares to turn left into the rest stop at Willapa Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Above, blue skies abound over the water as a rider prepares to turn left into the Willapa Bay National Wildlife Refuge, where one of the day's rest stops was hosted by cheerful Cascade volunteers. The rider had crossed the road safely before entering the left lane to turn. 

Randy Furukawa

Riders had the opportunity to receive a massage from Randy Furukawa, above, and Scott Lesieur, the friendly Licensed Massage Therapists who have rubbed many an achy back and leg at the end of long Cascade rides.

On Day Two, riders cruised around the rolling hills of Willapa Bay beneath sunny skies, stopping to rest and eat at the Bush Pioneer County Park and the Chinook Campground, right next to the Chinook Nation's offices.

The views were never-ending. Two photos below by Bryce Kolton

Willapa Bay on Day 2 of the Long Beach Tour Lite

Geese swim along the Willapa Bay

At the start of Day Three, RJ Conn, a Cascade event producer, shared details about the road ahead and highlighted the Dungeness Crab Mac n Cheese served by locals at the Willapa Bay Artisan Kitchen at one of the first rest stops.

Stops on Day Three included Leadbetter Point State Park and Cape Disappointment State Park (below), featuring a lighthouse and Waikiki Beach views that make you feel like you're in a novel. Photo by Bryce Kolton.

The lighthouse seen on Cape Disappointment is anything but

Riders enjoyed their fresh oysters from the Willapa Bay Artisan Kitchen and then headed back down the gravel driveway toward more riding.

Riders enjoyed the fresh oysters and other tasty treats at the Willapa Bay Artisan Kitchen before heading back down the road. Forty-two miles later, they enjoyed freshly baked pizza for the day's lunch stop. We bike for snacks on Cascade tours! 

A fiery orange sunset on Long Beach, WA

Though the sun has set on this year's Long Beach Tour Lite, you can still sign up for one of two remaining 2023 Tours Lite: the Ellensburg Tour Lite from Sept. 15-17, and the Walla Walla Tour Lite from Sept. 29-Oct 1.