Cascade Bicycle Club Announces Ballot Measure Endorsements for the Nov. 3 Election

Cascade Bicycle Club and its affiliate, Washington Bikes, are pleased to announce our endorsement of two critical ballot measures -- one in Bellingham and one in Seattle -- that will improve mobility access for people who walk, bike, roll, and take transit. 

In Bellingham, the Transportation Fund is on the ballot for renewal. The Bellingham Transportation Fund, Prop 2020-14, appropriates a portion of sales tax for citywide transportation projects. The revenue source was established in 2010 and is set to expire this year. The revenue funds street projects including, street paving, sidewalks, bike lanes and bus service. More Bellingham residents are biking than ever before, and this renewal will keep us walking, biking, and riding.

The Seattle Transit Benefit District, or Proposition 1 on your ballot, will renew revenue sources that are set to expire in 2020; $50 million are raised annually though portions of sales tax and car registration to improve transit availability and access. At a time when vulnerable communities are already being left behind due to COVID-19, we cannot let people’s access to transit disappear due to cuts in funding. 

With 31 days until Election Day, we are in the final stretch! Are you ready to vote? Register if you are new to WA or have recently moved through the Washington Secretary of State’s office. If not, you have until eight days ahead of Election Day to register online or by mail.

Because turnout is expected to be high this election, we recommend you drop off your ballot or mail it in as quickly as possible to ensure you are counted!