2020 Bike, Walk, and Roll Summit
Lunchtime at the Summit

We’re gearing up for the 2020 Washington Bike, Walk, and Roll Summit

The 2020 Washington Bike Walk and Roll Summit will be held virtually October 5-9. Find out more about the Summit and register today!

2020 Summit focus and naming change:

The Washington Bike Summit is now the Washington Bike, Walk, and Roll Summit. We’ve renamed the summit to reflect a big goal: to create a space where advocates and professionals discuss and advance the often overlapping but sometimes distinct and different needs of people who bike, walk and roll. 

We believe this change is crucial in building a just transportation system, and inclusive advocacy movement across the state. We want to harness  the intersectionality of planning, advocacy, and education for all types of active users to realize a transportation system that works for all – regardless of how we get around. 

Becoming the Bike, Walk, Roll Summit marks an evolution and a goal, and one we might not achieve in year one. The summit will hopefully serve as the start of a longer process of integrating conversations surrounding biking, walking, and rolling. In making this change, we recognize that this summit will not be perfect, and this serves as the first step in a longer journey to true intersectionality and shared space. 

Active transportation advocacy is a space that belongs to all users of active transportation, and should be a place in which bicycle, pedestrian, and disability advocates can learn from and share with each other and plan for a future that works for all of us.

New name, same great Summit!

This year, we renamed the summit as the Washington Bike, Walk, and Roll Summit. The update reflects that the needs of people on bikes align with those of folks wheeling and walking. This change recognizes the multimodal nature of transportation and movement across the state, and the intersectionality of planning and advocating for all types of active users.

This Year’s Theme -- Shift: From Ideas to Action

Our goal is for every panel, presentation, or roundtable at the summit is to include active conversation, engagement, brainstorming, skill-building, and action planning to ensure attendees take home concrete ideas and plans to move from ideas at the summit to actions at home. This summit will be a place for communities and decision makers who are committed to enacting change around Washington to make biking, walking, and rolling safer and more accessible – including planners, engineers, advocates, elected officials, and everyone else who is excited to make change in their community

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