New Seattle Law Strengthens Bike Master Plan Implementation
MASS transportation policy package

This week, thanks to your advocacy, Council unanimously passed a law that requires major paving projects to include planned protected bicycle lanes. Adding bikeways when repaving our streets is a practical, cost effective way to build the bike network, and makes sure that (literally) rebuilding our streets means making them safe for everyone – regardless of how we get around. 

The MASS Transportation Policy Package is moving through Council, and one of the first pieces to be completed makes for a big win for people who bike, or want to: an ordinance requiring repaving projects to include planned bikeways. The unanimous support from Council on this ordinance speaks to the power of your voice: Tell City leaders now that you support the entire MASS Transportation Package.

Council's Unanimous Yes Vote on the Safe Street Ordinance

Since 2007, when Seattle adopted its plan to build a citywide bike network in the shape of the Bike Master Plan, new bikeways have made it easier and safer for people to get around by bike in many Seattle neighborhoods. But, not all BMP routes have been implemented as streets have been upgraded. The most recent example was a last minute decision to cancel a planned bikeway on a busy arterial in NE Seattle, and planned routes in other Seattle neighborhoods have been skipped over in recent years, too. this new legislation passed by Council anticipates changing the outcome for future routes, and holding the city more accountable to Seattle's adopted Complete Streets ordinance, which directs SDOT to design streets for all users and promotes safety for the most vulnerable, the Vision Zero Action Plan, and the Climate Action Plan.

For people who are already biking and those who are interested, but wary of traffic conditions, this new law is the most fiscally responsible way to make our vision a reality. Combining construction of already-planned bike lanes with repaving projects saves the City money, and makes streets safer for everyone.

Together, let's do more

This legislation was one of the first pieces of the MASS transportation policy package to pass council - alongside a budget request to SDOT about dramatically increasing bikeshare and scooter parking across the city (in line with recommendations from Cascade and other advocates, including those in the disability rights community), and a resolution underscoring the need to fully fund all projects in the Bike Master Plan Implementation Plan, including several projects on Cascade's Connect Seattle map.

We're all looking for safe, affordable and convenient ways to get around whether we walk, roll, bike or bus. The MASS Transportation package can help us get there. Share your support now.

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